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Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter
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Aug 13, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: time-i-will-never-get-back
Recommended for: NO ONE

The girl Kylie who is like virgin mary reincarnated thinks that any teen who drinks, smokes or has sex makes them a whore, bitch or a bad person. This bitch need to get off her high hourse and relise that people want to have fun unlike her and live life AND BE A FUN COOL PERSON .

Another thing that annoyed Me is she kept wining and complaing that her life sucked becasue her parents were getting divorced im not saying this is not a terrible thing but she should accept that her parents werent happy togehter and they need to separte to be happy so she should be happy for them. but no all she thinks is about her dumb bitchy self.

The love intrests were the WORST part of the book first ofF a LOVE TRIANGEL really? can u not come up with anything else more orginal? i mean why must u have two love interests its soo boring the whole book is always about "who shuld i choose this person or this person i love them them both" NO BITCH CHOOSE ONE FUCKING GUY STOP LEADING THEM BOTH ON.

The first guy lucas i thought i could like and deal with, he had that whole tourted dark mysterys guy thing going on but he was BARELY in the book like for a few pages at a time BUT SHE STILL MANGED TO FALL FOR HIM!!

Dont get me started on the secound character derek he was the oppiset to lucas in every way he was a sad pathertic weak character. He spent the whole book pining for kylie even after she said she wasent interested he was like a love sick puppy it was pathetic even after she treated him like CRAP!!! he still wanted her.

All toghter this book was sad and miserble and a waste of my time TIME I WILL NEVER GET BACK AND MONEY I WILL NEVER GET BACK!!!!!!
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