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Dare You To by Katie McGarry
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Unfortunately, Dare you To, for me, was just like any other contemporary romance out there. Great for those who favour this genre, but it just didn't wow me. Pushing the Limits had that something extra special that gave it that extra oomph that I just didn't feel with Dare You To.

I didn't like Beth in Pushing the Limits, and maybe that should have been enough to make me lose interest in this before I even started, but because I enjoyed Pushing the Limits so much, I wanted to give this one a go too, and having read the first chapter, I was quite intrigued about Ryan. They were so completely different that I was interested in seeing how they were going to be brought together. Beth did grow on me a little through the course of the book, but I know she won't be memorable, not like Echo and Noah. And Ryan, while he was a likeable guy, was just a similar mould to every other hot, jock guy I read about.

We're already aware that Beth has had a hard life. She was staying in her aunts basement with Noah and Isaiah, but we learn a lot more about her problems, and the ugly truth that has made Beth the person we know now. And I did pity her, it'd be hard not to. She feels unloveable and finds it hard to trust. But for someone who was so messed up, I felt that Ryan got through her barriers a little too quickly.

She is taken in by her uncle Scott, who moves her about a half hour away from Louisville, to Grovetown, where she lived until she was eight years old. He forbids her to see her alcoholic mother, and also tells her to cut ties with her old friends and her old life. But she really struggles with this and feels a need to protect her mother from her violent and abusive boyfriend. But her mother doesn't want to be saved, and it hurts Beth more everytime she tries to do something good for her.

Scott is one of the only commendable adults in this book. While Ryan appears to come from a good family, they are really just small minded, small town snobs. I especially disliked Ryan's dad, who I felt wanted to live his life through Ryan, trying to force him to do what he wanted with no regard for Ryan's feelings, and who had abandoned, and forced his family to abandon, his older son Mark, because he was gay.

In all honesty, by halfway through I was quite bored and just wanted to be done with it. Contemporary romance has to have that extra something for me to enjoy it, and Dare You To just wasn't it for me. I'm not sure I'll read Isaiah's story. He wasn't a character I was overfond of either. Though I did feel sorry for him in this one so it's nice to know he gets his happy ending too.
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Rashika (is tired) There were quite a few people who didn't like Beth in this one. I agree about what you said about Contemporary Romances though, they need to have something extra special.. especially for someone who is fond of paranormal/fantasy (like mee).

From the reviews I've read Ryan just sounds too good to be true... almost unrealistic, which doesn't really work for me. I am all for good guys but you know no one can be absolutely perfect.

I am not going to read this one but I might read Isaiah's story because I liked him in the first book but I was all for Beth and Isaiah.. so I am not sure, plus his story sounds almost exactly like Noah and Echo's.

Great review :)

Suzanne Thanks Rashika. Beth and Isaiah did seem to be the obvious choice for each other. The three books have kind of a similar tone though. Deadbeat kid meeting someone nice to drag them back from the brink of disaster. So, they wouldn't have fit that bill lol

Rashika (is tired) I think the only thing different (from the summaries of the book and the reviews I've read) in Pushing the Limits, it seems, is Noah's relationship with his brothers. That relationship was also the oomph factor for me in Pushing the Limits, the romance was good but wasn't amazing. I thought there was an instaness to it :/

Suzanne I enjoyed the relationship a lot more in Pushing the Limits and thought it had a lot more swoony moments. Noah was hot and suave lol, and I think his relationship with his brothers added to his appeal :)

♥Rachel♥ I'm sorry this didn't live up to expectations, Suzanne. Great honest review. :)

Suzanne Thanks Rachel :)

Trish at Between My Lines I understand, I love contemporary and while I did love this one, it isn't stand out.

Suzanne I was quite disappointed after how good Pushing the Limits was.

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