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Tommy Nightmare by J.L. Bryan
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Aug 12, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: 2012, 2012_5-stars, different-and-strange, fantasy_myths, fantasy_romance

In this second book of The Paranormals Trilogy, we meet Tommy. He is another person like Jenny, Seth, and Ashleigh. His touch brings about fear. He can kill or simply mess up a person's mind for a short period of time. Tommy is as pathetic as Jenny but he has a harder heart so he went straight into the villian column quick. As of the end of the last book, we find out a little about what Jenny, Seth, and Ashleigh are. It's just enough to start us with the understanding that they are not fully human. They were born like humans but they are actually reincarnated over and over since the beginning of time. They don't remember their lifetimes but they eventually find one another and kill each other off. They have well established patterns with different identities.

Tommy is in jail when he sees Ashleigh on tv. He feels a connection to her and knows he must find her. He breaks out of prison and heads to South Carolina. Tommy knows his touch is deadly and he has already figured out that he is not the only one. When he was a child, he met a girl who could communicate with the dead by touch. Her name is Esmeralda and Tommy wants to get his hands on her too.

Meanwhile, Jenny has 'maybe' killed Ashleigh and about 200 other townfolk with her Pox. They deserved it but it's still not a good thing for our heroine. Jenny and Seth are trying to put the pieces of their lives back together and keep the CDC and Homeland Security off their backs. Enter Tommy looking for Ashleigh who is dead. He remembers that Esmeralda can communicate with the dead so he grabs Ashleigh's bones and sets out to find Esmeralda. This puts us up to 4 additional beings like Jenny and they all have horrible powers of destruction. The collision course they are on is massive and is once again gonna be messy. There are a few interesting surprises such as Alexander and his interest in Jenny. This character is pretty much in the background observing in this book but he is clearly one of them and he has a nasty touch.

Although the book is named for Tommy, Jenny is really the focus. She is in a mess of trouble with a woman at the CDC determined to find her and pin a few hundred murders on her. She also would not mind sticking Jenny in a lab to be studied. Seth must make a decision about his future. Does he go to college and do what his family expects? Will he find a way to keep Jenny by his side although she is a mass murderer? Does he dare go against his family and the many secrets they have hidden over generations? Does Jenny dare to dream of a future with Seth? Is Jenny beginning to remember what and who she is? Is Tommy going to find a way to bring Ashleigh back? Is there a hero to be found in any of these characters? All these questions are posed and answered in a fast paced story that had me gripping my Kindle with brute force.

BTW, I don't think I said this about the first book but it's really as funny as it is dark. I laughed as much as I cringed. Once again, I must state -- not YA. It's not erotica but there is tasteful and not so tasteful sex scenes. once again, this one is 5 stars.

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