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Luftkastellet der blev sprængt by Stieg Larsson
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really liked it

This is the third book in the Millenium trilogy, and - thankfully - the last, because my hands were starting to feel a bit shaky after supporting these five centimeter thick book whenever I went around in a quest to find the most comfortable spot in the apartment without being bugged by my too enthusiastic budgies.

Sadly, I couldn't say the same praise toward this one as I did to the previous two books. To begin with, I'd say this book is a must read, well if you want to know the ending of the whole thing of course because book number 2 ends with a hanging situation that usually appeared on TV series with the words "to be continued" displayed on the screen.

Book 3 is full of conspiracy theory, intricated problems between the Swedish secret police and the government and it is fully loaded with history of Sweden - in which I have no clue whether it is accurate or it is just pure fiction. But then again, I have always hated history subject in school so perhaps this book can be particularly interesting for those who love history.

The book also tells the story on how Lisbeth Salander (that's the girl with the dragon tattoo, folks - now I begin to see the sense why naming the first book according to her body painting - because the whole millenium trilogy is indeed about her) got entangled in a much complicated situation that she had ever imagined in her life (I could only say that she's pretty lucky that she's smart, strong and brave and could figure out things by herself, if I were her, I would just act dumb the whole time LOL) and how her family tree had brought terrible misfortunes over her situation ever since she was a child until now.

I must admit that I practiced my "fast reading" method on several pages of this book (skimming the page through) because they were far too boring - and not worth to spend my time on reading them) and skipped onto the more intense story like how Blomkvist collected pieces by pieces of Salander's past in order to build a complete portrait on who Salander's mysterious father was and how it all started - and at the same time trying to avoid rogue criminals trying to shoot his ass off for his intention to publish the whole mystery in a book.

The ending, however, is satisfying. It's like the ultimate "bad-guys-go-to-jail" stuff and although I am far from a fan of happy ending, I find that the ending is just relieving, to know that things will finally be normal from now on, and Blomkvist - the journalist, that is - has to work his ass off again for a scoop (scoop: a term in journalism on an interesting subject that nobody knows, yet).

Let's say that your sleep won't be good unless you finish your reading with this last one. So why stop here if you have read the first two? Go grab the third book!
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message 1: by Blurb (last edited Jul 30, 2009 11:18AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Blurb Hi -

I love your review of this book/I am excited to read it. Just curious - did you read it in English or another language? I would love to read it in English when it's available...

message 2: by The (new) - rated it 4 stars

The Writer Thanks for your comment. I read it in Danish. Unfortunately I don't know if the book is out in English already

Blurb Thanks! Guess I'll have to wait a while longer...

message 4: by The (new) - rated it 4 stars

The Writer blurb, I just browsed and it's there. Just browse the author's name: Stieg Larsson.

Jayhawkrockdoc Eva, excellent review, especially since I have to agree with the "fast reading" aspect. Although I have yet to receive the 3rd volume in English, I found myself skimming through some parts of the first two volumes since some subplots within the storyline were a bit predictable. I assume it was the translation from Swedish that lost some of the anticipatory power of the plot. However, your honest review still has me anticipating the release of the 3rd volume in English. Thank you.

Kathy I am currently reading an ebook edition of this book on an iPod Touch. It's a light-weight alternative to holding a large hardcover, especially while reading in bed. I never thought I could enjoy reading a novel this way but find I actually read faster and enjoy the reading experience a great deal.

Kelley Woods Hi Eva....guilty of skimming through a few pages too, almost halfway through.

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