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The Wild Ones by M. Leighton
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Aug 12, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: romance-erotica-faves
Recommended for: Fans of intense love stories!
Read from August 14 to 15, 2012

I was a fan of Leighton's Blood Like Poison series, and I was left salivating after some of the scenes she wrote in To Kill an Angel. When I found out she had written a romance novel, I was so excited to see what she could do when she wasn't so restricted by the invisible boundaries that often come with a YA fantasy series. She definitely did NOT disappoint with The Wild Ones!! I give this one 4.5 stars and a definite recommend!!

This is the story of the sweet southern belle who is swept away by the sexy 'bad boy' farmhand, only tweaked for a more modern audience. Camille hasn't always been wealthy, but it's all she knows now and all her dad really cares about. She's going to college, dating the perfect guy that daddy approves of, and expected to fall in line as she's asked. But the moment those gorgeous eyes of Trick's meet with hers, life as she knows it will never be the same. Or measure up. The brief encounter with Trick has left him wandering through her thoughts, and the last thing she expects is to see him working in her family's stables. Trick was just as blown away by his encounter with Cami, and when he sees her walking up to him as he's working with the horses, he never thought she was the daughter his boss told him to stay away from. Just when he thought he had Cami eating out of his hands, he finds out she's off limits even if he could steal her away from her rich, perfect boyfriend. And that's where the fun begins!

It's safe to say that from this point forward, the phrase "Trick or Treat" will always make me daydream of the scrumptious walking, breathing temptation that is Patrick Henley!!! This man had me drooling from the moment he walks up with his cocky, sexy attitude to hit on Cami at the bar. The chapters from his POV had me melting over every thought that went through that naughty mind of his, and swooning over the sweet emotions he couldn't resist feeling for Cami. He was so tortured by this girl, having to want her from the sidelines as she went along with her clearly lackluster relationship with "perfect" Brent while he worked to support his family. Cami, in the meantime, was swooning hard over him but just wouldn't wake up and leave Brent so she could have the man she really wanted. Her fear of disappointing her father and leaving a sure thing to be with a guy she barely knows just took over her decisions for her. I wanted to shake her and make her realize how blind she was to the incredible man in front of her, but at the same time I could understand her fears to a point. Honestly, though, the sexual tension between these two is something that a saint would have trouble withstanding, I mean it was off the charts anticipation for a full-on fireworks display!! I wish we could have seen just a little more of those moments when they finally did happen, since the build-up was so incredibly intense. It was kind of like watching The Notebook and fast-forwarding through the last half of the steamiest part in their reunion scene; you get the initial heart-racing steaminess, but then suddenly they're just cuddling. *le sigh* Thankfully, Leighton is amazing at making those initial moments meaningful and H-O-T!!

Leighton does a fabulous job grabbing you into her characters with this story, so when the inevitable heartbreak comes you really feel it. I love how she dragged it out for so long, too, because my heart was twisted up for several chapters and it just made the moment when Cami and Trick FINALLY stop being stubborn that much better. It was amazing!! I liked the secondary characters, too, there are so many funny lines between them and I love when authors can add humor without it coming across as corny or faked. It fits perfectly here and just made me enjoy the characters that much more!

If ever there were a book that I thought would benefit from having been drawn out into a sequel, this is it. I really loved this book and it was great as is, but honestly if some areas had been given a little more clarity and attention by making this play out in two books, I think it would have blown it out of the park. I read a lot of romance books like this and I just kind of chalk it up to the 300-page romance novel dilemma, but until now I've never had one that I wanted so badly to get that chance at perfection! Such as it is, Leighton did a phenomenal job at making an unforgettable story that I enjoyed from start to finish, and I can't wait to read even more from her!

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