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Life After Death by Deepak Chopra
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Nov 30, 2008

really liked it
Read in January, 2009

A thought provoking, fascinating book. Deepak Chopra pulls insights from all the world's spiritual traditions and life-after-death experiences. I like his general assertion that the world of spirit isn't somewhere else, but right here, in the same space we inhabit; it just vibrates at a higher frequency that we usually can’t see, much like radio waves coursing through the air that we don’t detect. I also like his general conclusion; that after death what the souls sees and experiences is largely what it expects to see and experience. Beyond that, of course, it’s impossible to know.
The last section of the book is a description of what we currently know through quantum physics. That he does this in a very easy to understand way, without any technical jargon, is masterful writing. As we discover and study smaller and smaller particles and try to understand how they behave, his conclusion is that the overall course of the universe seems to be guided.
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message 1: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Hi Tim,

Thanks for your thoughtful review. I am currently at the very end of the book - in the quantum physics section. I am a bit confused by a number of things, as Chopra seems to contradict himself (or maybe I am just reading it way too late before bedtime and not fully grasping things!)...I was thinking of writing him personally, but figured that might be a bit ambitious so am starting with a blog :)

He says the soul goes on - yet the personality doesn't. I have heard many accounts of this not being true - (ie where deceased loved ones communicate with the living, etc)...and if we do go on in personality, how can we be reincarnated into another? Or does the 'zero point' or Akasha field allow all energies to blend and separate at the same time?

Not sure if this makes sense - I am on the eastcoast and it's late! Any thoughts/ideas would be welcomed...


message 2: by Tim (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tim Kelly wrote: "Hi Tim,

Thanks for your thoughtful review. I am currently at the very end of the book - in the quantum physics section. I am a bit confused by a number of things, as Chopra seems to contradict ..."


Thanks for reading my review and for your comment. You raise a really good question. My most correct answer would be that I don't know. And I think no one else is really going to know either, until they die and their soul actually experiences whatever is after death.

While I have enormous respect for Deepak Chopra's intellect and spirit; like you, I've heard of accounts of people speaking speaking with deceased family and I think at least some of it must be true.

What rings true to me is your guess that the 'zero point' or Akasha field allows all energies to blend and separate at the same time. I can easily imagine the energy in spirit to be so much that only a small part is needed for a personality to communicate with the living when called upon.

I imagine the spirit world is so vast and that even the most advanced among us see only a small glimpse. A small glimpse of an infinite universe would be both a little bit true and, in some ways, untrue.

It's probably worth a shot to write to Deepak Chopra directly. You might get a really good answer from him directly. Worse case you get some promotional material. If you do decide to write to him let me know what response you get.

And you are up late! It's late here in California.

Take Care,

message 3: by Kelly (new)

Kelly Thanks Tim - what?! What do you mean you "don't know"?? I thought you would clearly give me and humanity the answer to the most penetrating and mysterious question of all time ;)

Seriously, thanks for your response. You just put it all in a way that I like. While I do agree that Chopra breaks the heavy stuff down pretty eloquently as you described, some of it can get too riddle-like for me...but perhaps that's what the mystery of life/death is...a riddle that can't be fully explained. But the way you just expressed your thoughts seems to really resonate with me in a very direct and clear way. I have been struggling to 'figure it all out' and I feel your response has given my 'mind' (the ever continuing 'mind') something to hang onto for a while...thank you! Perhaps you should write a book??

Have you read "Way of the Peaceful Warrior"? I wrote a review on it last eve...I highly recommend it :)

Thanks again CA!

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