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Broken Harbour by Tana French
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Aug 12, 2012

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It has been two years since Mick "Scorcher" Kennedy has scored himself a prime case. He has been stuck dealing with little crime cases like drug dealers. Although Scorcher does work hard to make sure the bad guy does not escape. He is number 2 in the rankings as far as cases that have stuck.

Scorcher's boss gives Scorcher the golden opportunity that he has been waiting for. A murder case involving a family. The father and two children have been murdered and the wife is barely hanging on in the hospital. For Scorcher this was suppose to be a easy open and close case. Scorcher is joined by his rookie parter, Richie. The more involved that Scorcher and Richie get with the case, the more bizarre that it gets. Like what is with the big holes in the wall? As if the pressure of solving a big murder case was not enough, Scorcher has to deal with his mentally unstable sister.

I liked Scorcher. He was a by the book kind of guy, which is not a bad thing but you could also tell that Scorcher had the experience. In addition, determination that each case is not just a case but a personal one where the bad guy does not end up on top. This was no different. Although, this case was more psychological then it was just a straight up murder case. Mrs. French really takes her time to build up the story and to reveal the events that led up to the murder. While, I did appreciate this at the same time, I felt that the lead up to the murder could have been shortened. Also, I was lacking the interaction with the victim. Don't know if this was intentional to keep me from figuring out all the pieces of the puzzle sooner rather then later. When I did get to know the Spain family, it felt a little rushed. I honestly did not know the motive to the murder until the reveal at the end. Although, I had a pretty good idea of who the person was responsible for the murders. Getting to know more about Scorcher and his family was nice. It made him human and gave me a better connection to him. The way he cared for his sister was sweet. Brokern Harbor will make you wondering how much can a person take before they snap!
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