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Losing Lila by Sarah Alderson
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Aug 11, 2012

really liked it
Read in August, 2012

** spoiler alert **

I liked this book a little more than the first. It had a great pace to it all the way through.

Lila did have a few head desk moments - but thankfully Suki was there to set her straight :) I do love her character. Lila however is still obsessed, but there was less of her obsessive inner-monologue - that only really showed when she went to rescue Jack, and her following interactions with Alex when she returned and they were on the boat. The girl really is selfish and has no idea how to see things from another point of view besides her own. Then sits there and dwells on her own mistakes and expects someone else to rectify her problems. That is why I like Suki, she says it how it is and makes Lila act instead of sulk.

And speaking of Suki, I therefore jump to Nate. Him and Suki really are soul mates - soo cute! But I don't know what would be more disturbing for Lila, that her friends are openly perving on her boyfriend, or her brother.

I wasn't surprised at all to find that Demos was Jack's father - I thought that the moment that he said he dated their mother in the first book. I did however feel sorry for Alicia at the moment that their mum was rescued - hearing whatever it was that Demos was thinking - after all, if it showed clearly in his face, it must have been worse in his head.

I also liked Alex more in this one - I suppose you got to see the real him a little more, as for the first half of the first book he was being "brother"

I was disappointed you never found out exactly what happened to Stirling. And I would have liked to have known more about what her mum went through for the last 5 years. I also felt sorry for Jack, the one girl he cared for had betrayed him from the very start. But, in my mind, he and Amber will heal each other.

I know the thought of a third book is out there - but I don't feel it's necessary. Maybe a short story to wrap up Stilring, Demos and the mum, but that's all I think is needed.

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