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Fire on the Island by J.K. Hogan
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Aug 11, 2012

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Ohhh for the love of witches! I’m so excited to read another witchy book! Witches and Scotland! A win/win! This one really excited me from the start. All the talk about Bruixi witches, their guardians and those that want to kill them made it feel like J.K. Hogan did some serious homework but the way she explained everything in the book was so simple. Isla, the witch, doesn’t even know what is going on, so as she and the people around her start to find out about her powers she learns, as do we! Easy concept but a lot of information was in this book spread throughout and it didn’t bog it down at all. I do have a love for that kind of thing though.

The characters were very interesting. I want to say Marduk is my favorite but it threw me off a little that he kept quoting movies. Although even as I say that when he says”there is no spoon” I really did laugh out loud. Small references like that were throughout the book and I am pretty sure I got all of them but as I said, it threw me off a little. But it also gave Marduk a deeper personality. Here you have this kid who knows how to use all types of energy, is a wolf protector, and he knows many movie quotes. In a word; Interesting! Weird but interesting.

Isla and Jeremiah, the other two main characters, are definitely intriguing as well. Isla’s range of learning her powers is completely believable. She goes from being completely unaware of the things she seems to do naturally to being able to use the elements. She still had to focus so it’s not like all of a sudden she some hugely powerful witch. The process of the powers is what makes this believable. Plus J.K. Hogan gives us all kinds of glimpses of Isla’s power so we know way ahead of time that she is a witch, we just don’t know how powerful.

Jeremiah almost seems an enigma to me. He’s intelligent, strong, sexy but blushes at close contact. Again, interesting but weird. And although he blushes at advances from other women he meets Isla and they’re in the sack so fast! It’s kind of a whirlwind romance and although the time in the plot says months have gone by it feels shorter. But you learn more about their relationship as you go along and I don’t want to give away all the sexy details, so we’ll just say their relationship is fun to read about.

As paranormal romances go this one is really good. My mother in law loves reading paranormal romance and I can easily see recommending this to her, even with the sexy scenes. The plot is definitely there. It’s not all fun and no plot, which is fantastic! I think J.K. Hogan does a fabulous job at keeping a great balance in the relationship. They even have issues that they have to cross together. Also the supporting characters are a riot. They are lovely and although supporting characters, I really loved every one of them! So overall this gets a 3.5 and I can not wait for the second book in this series.
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