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To Mormons, With Love by Chrisy Ross
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Aug 11, 2012

really liked it
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This book was just fun. I read it in one sitting.
Chrisy is the only person in her neighborhood that is not a member of the LDS church. The book is about her observations of the people around her... but even more than her observations of other people, it's about her observations of herself.

She's in the minority, so she talks about feeling paranoid. (ie: "They only invite me to things because they want to convert me." And when they don't invite her, "They hate me. They don't want us here.")

She talks about learning the LDS lingo, trying to pretend to be LDS, considering getting baptized just so she would be a member of the club. She talks about looking for people's underwear lines, in the hopes that she could find a friend.

She gives advice to nonmembers in Utah:
don't be paranoid. ask questions. be assertive. don't judge others based on their label (LDS).

I really liked the advice she gave to members:
"No means no, and maybe later means no to." Leave the missionary work to the missionaries. It feels confusing and upsetting when everyone wants to convert you.

Don't use the word "we". When you say things like, "We all love you so much!" or, "We're all so glad you could make it." it serves as a reminder that there is an "us" and a "you." She talks about how just the use of that one word served as a reminder that shew as an outsider.

In other words, "You can only speak for you."

The book was both fun and had good advice and introspection in it. Like I said, I really enjoyed it.

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