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Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking
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Aug 10, 2012

really liked it

Amanda Hocking picks up where she left off in the book Hollowland and she keeps the reader biting their nails. If you haven't read the first novel Hollowland please stop reading my review because it will give several spoilers starting NOW. *** I warned you.

Remy King is a strong female but at times a confusing character. We last read about Remy as she was saving her brother from a Military lab where he was hooked up to machines trying to solve the mystery of why he was immune to the zombie bites. Remy takes her brothers place and is put though pure torture for the good of the world but when the zombies break into the military compound she’s left on an operation table to fend for herself. Thankful she has a friend, Tatum, who comes to save her.

The author created another band of misfit survivors as they travel across the US to find a safe environment and when they hear that Zombies cannot handle the cold they head north. Now I will have to take issues with the author and the original band of misfit Remy King first traveled with. They leave her behind in the evacuation of the base. I couldn't imagine Lazlo leaving Remy because of how much he loved her in Hollowland. It broke my heart when she finally gets to hear Lazlo for the first time only to act like nothing happened in the first book. I understand that author wrote Remy to be adaptable to what is going on at that moment without regret, but it killed me.

As the little band of misfits help Remy to find her brother and her tiger we are able to finally see Remy have emotions again, but we also read how much compassion her little brother has for those around him. In some ways the author wrote Remy opposite of her brother so if you couldn't identity with one you could with the other.

Just like the first book there are loss of characters you love, some that surprise you and character you hope never to meet in real life. The author creates great imaginary that makes the reader feel they are walking thought the heat of the desert or the freezing cold while hearing the zombies moans and screams all around them.

The author ends the book perfectly because if she decides she wants to write a new story in the Hollow series without using the same characters she can because I would love to know what happened to Lazlo.

I enjoy reading Amanda Hocking’s Zombie series and it is perfect for those who have never read zombie books. It has the gore, violence and a little sex but it is just enough without going over the top.

Thanks go to Heidi for this review.

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