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Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg
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Aug 10, 2012

it was amazing
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Cue obnoxious Redneck voice and Toddlers and Tiaras theme song


I'm Mackenzie, I'm seven and I'm a beauty queen. None of those other girls are going to beat me HONEY BOO BOO CHILD!!!!!

Okay I've been meaning to post this review for a few days, but since it's exam week that has been a little hard. First off I want to thank Jv Poore for giving me her ARC of this book, I really enjoyed it, so thanks again.

On to the book. There's alot of debates regarding beauty pageants, do kids actually want to do them? Should they be banned? Are they child abuse? In this book we meet Lexi, a girl who wants to be a fashion designer and has a great personality. Every weekend she is sitting in a convention hall watching her little sister do pageants with money that their family doesn't have. Lexi tries to talk to her mother, say that beauty pageants cost too much money and they should stop but Lexi's mom just tells her that she's selfish. Does this mother even think about what she says? Let me just show you how I imagined Lexi and Mackenzie's mama...


Yes that is June, Alana's mom. You probably know Alana better as Honey Boo Boo. But at least June is a nice mother who loves her children and doesn't give her other three daughters shit for not being in pageants. Lexi's mama was really a terrible mother and just called Lexi selfish for everything she did even after she paid for most of Mackenzie's stuff. And if that were not bad enough SHE STOLE 4000 DOLLARS FROM LEXI!!! Then when Lexi tried to get the money back her mom called her selfish and slapped her. What kind of a mother does that?

Now let me show you Mackenzie...


Yes, that is Mackenzie from Dance Moms. I dont know why I saw her as the character I just did. Plus since Mackenzie dances all day and night she probably doesn't have much time to have good friendships, just like Mackenzie in the book with all her pagents.

And Lexi...


Doesn't Brooke Hyland look like she has such a great personality? Apparently thats not good enough for girls in Lexi's world. It's like she gets a makeover and suddenly every guy is in love with her? Newsflash sister it does not happen like that. For one thing the guy I have had a crush on since freshmen year said (On twitter) that he loved great personalities, and even better that I have a great personality. I dont wear makeup and I've done just fine with guys, because some guys like great personalities. But this book really explored the world of young teens, I can sort of relate, being a young teen myself. We all have curled/straitened our hair to impress someone (I am a victim of this) and sometimes it doesn't work, so it's much better to just be who you are.

I really liked the ending, it wasn't cliched and Lexi didn't end up with a guy. Although the ending was unresolved. It sort of left me with little questions. Did Benny tell his parents he was gay and in a relationship? Whats going to happen with Lexi, Mackenzie, and their mom? How are they going to deal with things with their dad? However I'll admit I love these endings because then I can take out my pen and continue the story, YAY!!!! Yeah I have no life...

I give it five stars. Elizabeth Eulberg you never fail to keep me reading until the very last word (Which is hard to do).

<3 Avery The Librarian's Daughter <3
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message 1: by jv (new) - rated it 4 stars

jv poore I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Outstanding review. I love that you shared some of yourself in describing Lexi. Most importantly, I admire your resolve and confidence, I hope that you won't let anyone or anything diminish this. Your review made me think of one of my favourite Dear Sugar quotes: "Don't be coy and strategic. Coy and strategic are for jackasses. Be brave. Be authentic"

Avery TheLibrariansDaughter jv wrote: "I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. Outstanding review. I love that you shared some of yourself in describing Lexi. Most importantly, I admire your resolve and confidence, I hope that you won't let..."

Thank you so much :) This was a really fun read and I can relate to Lexi, sometimes you feel neglected because of your personality and forget how pretty you are inside and out.

message 3: by Arti (new) - added it

Arti Ahhh! Great review. Loved the part about Honey Boo Boo and her family - I mean, yeah, they might be "different" but at least they're not the shallow, distant family that's unfortunately becoming so common today.

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