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Chasing Nikki by Lacey Weatherford
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Aug 08, 2012

it was amazing
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Most heart breaking story I have read in a long time. I'm kind of glad I was alone while reading it as I had to hunt down tissues to stop the waterfall of tears towards the end.
Chase Walker and Nikki Wagner are such believable characters. I enjoyed this book because you could connect with them on a whole new level. Chase had lost so much in life and ad literally given up. Turning to drugs, drink, parties and more to numb the pain he had growing inside him, till meeting Nikki. Nikki has had similar loses to Chase but she has handled them better and throughout the book it's really Chase learning how to deal with his pain and move on to a life of love. But when something unexpected happens we see Chases wounds being torn open again but this time he remembers what he's learnt and somehow moves on, he doesn't leave the past behind him, he embraces his past and carries it as a happy memory into the future.

Nikki Marie Wagner is a cheerleader, but she's not your usual image of a cheerleader, she quiet, nice, held back and wary of football players. She had a bad past with them and doesn't seem to be able to trust them enough. Nikki is a do gooder and a family person. Always looking out for people, we see this when we meet her grandmother, we also see this when she looks after her sister when shes sick and when she encourages Chase to get help with is abuse of drugs and drink. Nikki in my opinion is a perfect heroine in a story. She is believable and survives everyday problems (which in my opinion can be harder than these crazy supernatural problems we come across in paranormal books) and she is just so brave. At the end she doesn't have a hissy for and she not like 'yeh I'm calm' she puts across true feelings.

Chase David Walker is amazing. He is by far the character that has gave me the worst heartache while reading a book. He used to be the star quarterback, sort of the golden boy and his dads best friend. But when his dad dies he turns to the pain and darkness. He stops the football and turns to anything that can numb the pain and loss. Mainly drugs and alcohol, which get him into plenty of trouble, especially his mothers final straw when he gets put in jail and is then moved to his grandparents ranch of sorts with his mum, for a fresh start. We see a great change when Chase moves, we see more his true character, and I'm so glad that the story is told from Chases POV, not many stories seem to be told from the guys point of view. Chase is really a family guy too, he loves his mother and father so much and his grandma, he respect his grandfather even if he does fight it and he loves kids, especially Nikkis siblings. He's polite and gentlemanly opening doors for people and respecting his girlfriend. He also has a lot of self blame going on in his head. Chase is one for blaming himself for things he had no control in and while reading the book you can't help but pity him, personally I wanted to jump through my iPad and hug the guy. He tries to stay strong but we see cracks in his silver armour and personally when a guy cries that's when you know e options are running high.

There's also minor characters in the story that make you feel a part yourself. Brett and Britanny are there for Chase all the way through the book. You maybe don't realise it but at the end you think back and your like omg they were, gosh what great friends. I found it quite sweet that in the end Chase got his happy ending. Maybe not as we all expect him to get. But in a way it helps us bring more reality to the book, we see Chases bravery even more.

Also this novel is not only a freaking amazing and emotional read its also educational. You learn very much in detail the goings of the male brain. You learn about how to deal with loss, and how to forgive yourself for things that were out of your reach to control. You learn things like family means everything and that good friends are they for you no matter what.

Honestly I could talk about this forever but I would recommend you read the book to get the full empact! (just remember your tissues and brace yourself for the ending and pace yourself through the book because you honestly don't want to miss a thing)

That is all for now! Just take my advice and read this! X

~Bianca xxx

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