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A Gentleman Says "I Do" by Amelia Grey
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Aug 08, 2012

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This is a regency romance (I think that's the term for Victorian era bodice ripper), and apparently somewhere in the middle of a series.

I didn't notice, or it didn't occur to me that this wasn't a standalone book. I guess towards the end, I felt like Grey was paving the way for a sequel, but it worked just fine on it's own.

This is the story of Catalina Crisp, daughter of Sir Phillip Crisp, a poet and writer. The trouble starts because Sir Crisp darts from one project to another, leaving Catalina to clean up after him. In this case, he's written a parody of twins arriving from America to discover that they are the spitting image of a man that is not their father.

The rakish twin, Iverson Brentwood, takes it upon himself to express his displeasure in the fiction, only to find that Sir Crisp is not in residence.

As is expected, this brings Iverson and Catalina together.

It wasn't a bad book and it distracted me enough that I read instead of getting work done, but it didn't inspire me to go find the rest of Grey's work. Not right away, like I did with Eloisa James. In this case, the dialogue, which was supposed to be bantering and witty, got on my nerves. Especially the dialogue during the romantic and passionate scenes.

I didn't quite understand Catalina either. She was this responsible, taking care of everyone, very proper girl, and suddenly, she's head over heels for this man, with no thoughts of propriety.


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Stacy You're going to think I'm an idiot--when this showed up in your list, I thought "where'd she get that? It looks familiar, though--was it a giveaway?" I didn't realize it was mine till yesterday. This is the problem with my Daily Find addiction!! But thanks for popping it on my radar--I decided it would work as a beach read today, since I don't like to take paper books near the water. :)

Cheryl I'm stuck on the "I don't like to take paper books near the water"...

Stacy What? The Nook will wipe off real quick if the kids splash it. Paper is permanently damaged. It makes sense!

Cheryl Oh yeah... clearly. Lots of sense! :)

Stacy It totally does, especially when you consider that the paper books I'd have taken belong to you!

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