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Easy by Tammara Webber
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Aug 07, 2012

really liked it
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A sweet, sexy, breathless romance that deals delicately and deftly and with difficult issues? I was dubious. Yet Easy by Tammara Webber does just that, its talented author offering a compulsively readable tale with a message.

The Story:
After following him to the college he chooses, Jaqueline finds herself unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend of two years. Kennedy wants to experience the world, to embrace college life, not to mention all the feminine offerings it has available. Charmer. Devastated and shaken, things take a turn for the worse when one of Kennedy’s Frat brothers decides Jacqueline’s fair game now she’s single, whether she’s interested or not. She’s rescued from an attempted rape by mysterious and gorgeous emo-dude, Lucas.

Soon Lucas is popping up everywhere, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for Jacqueline to fight their growing attraction. But Lucas isn’t the only one popping up everywhere. Her attacker is not taking ‘no’ for an answer...

The 101:
It’s no spoiler to acknowledge that Easy opens with an attempted sexual assault. As other reviewers have commented, it’s deeply disquieting when books use rape as a plot device and move on with implausible emotional and psychological repercussions for the victim, but Easy is not that book. Webber does not treat rape as a plot device, but goes on to examine it, its aftermath, and the insidious, devastating effects on its victims.

Unrepentantly an ‘issue’ book, Easy asks deeply discomfiting questions: If rapists are allowed to go free, unreported, what does that mean for future victims? A burden of responsibility should not lie with a victim, but with who else can it? Does it sound heavy? It’s because it is. But, for all this talk of heavy, dark matters, Easy is not as bleak as it sounds. It aims to enlighten and empower, not merely alarm. At its heart, Easy’s a story of growth, the search for self, and independence, but what makes it so compulsively readable is its tender, breathless romance.

The chemistry between Jacqueline and Lucas is palpable. Their romance is surprisingly sweet, for Jacqueline finds in Lucas not only a friend, lover, and protector, but an empowerer, one who ensures she'll become her own savior. They certainly have their hurdles and obstacles, but they overcome them—both together and apart—to grow into a couple I cheered for.

When discussing heroines and strong female characters, we like to throw things around about them ‘overcoming their obstacles’ (I’ve already mentioned this myself), to discuss how, though they've been victimized, they're 'not a victim, but a survivor'. Here's the thing: Jacqueline is very much a victim, but she makes a choice to change that. And it’s largely through the support of her best friend—and it is truly wonderful seeing a real, good female friendship at play—and a remarkable young man: Lucas.

Lucas has more than his fair share of dark secrets and tragedies, but this man is a champion of women. He refuses to allow Jacqueline to remain a damsel in distress, and, from his physicality (Elena of Novel Sounds suggests picturing him like this, instead of the cover model) and dry humour, to his cagey past, he’s one of the story’s biggest draws and mysteries. The relationship between Lucas and Jacqueline is magnetic and sexy, and while it has its strengths, it also has flaws and moments where the intensity could be seen as being too intense. But, as a friend recently said of it: "There was so much FEELING going on. You had to feel all the feels, every minute, and you wanted to keep feeling them."

The Verdict:
An intensely sexy tale, shifting from deeply romantic, to a dark, upsetting realism, Easy was a story I wasn’t sure would be easy to like—and I was wrong. Not as dark as its blurb may suggest, Easy handles difficult issues with reassuring sensitivity. Its strong emotional core, message, and electric, sizzling chemistry combine to create a compulsively readable story that not only entertains, but empowers.

Initial Thoughts:
I am seriously surprised by how much I loved this book. A friend described it, saying 'there was so much FEELING going on. You had to feel all the feels, every minute, and you wanted to keep feeling them.' NAILED it.

I mean... seriously though, this book is about two things: one very, very nasty, one INSANELY hot. The chemistry is out of this world. It should grate, or feel squicky. It doesn't. Review to come.

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message 1: by K. (last edited Aug 07, 2012 05:14PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

K. This comment alone convinces me...despite my strong aversion to the cover.

Sarah (saz101) Hehehe, I actually like the cover a little, but I wish the boy was as hot as I imagined Lucas. I REALLY liked it. I kind of have an aversion to self-pubbed books, but... I just loved it :D

message 3: by K. (new) - rated it 3 stars

K. I'm thinking this is going to be a guilty-pleasure? Haha :)

Sarah (saz101) YES :D
and no?
I mean... seriously, the book's about two things: rape and romance. But thankfully not in a creepy 1980's Johanna Lindsay way. I was really impressed with how she handled the issue... it was with real sensitivity, and.... kind of in a constructive way? Like... the effect on the victim, the sense of guilty AND responsibility... peoples' reactions? AMAZING... but oh my goodness. THE ROMANCE, K, THE ROMANCE O___O

SO EFFING HAWT. I LOVE the love interest, Lucas. Like... seriously. And it's not all chaste kisses and everything--I'm talking adult-level hot.

And... as WRONG as the combination sounds... I just... I really loved it :D

I am going to be mortified if you don't :D

Reynje Looking forward to your review :) I agree with you on the way the issue of rape was handled, I think the author did an excellent job there. (view spoiler)

Sarah (saz101) (view spoiler)

Thanks Reynje ^__^

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