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Over You by Emma McLaughlin
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Aug 07, 2012

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After a devastating breakup, Max decides to start her own company (Ex, Inc.) to help girls in need get over their ex-boyfriends. She knows how it feels to hit rock bottom, and decides no one should have to go through the devastation of losing their boyfriend alone. Max is good at what she does, and will go to no end to help her clients. But, when she runs into the guy who broke her heart, Max is surprised to find she still isn’t over him. How can her clients ever fully trust her if her “fool proof” methods of getting over someone didn’t even work on herself?

I thought the premise of this book was really cute and original, even though the characters all felt a little familiar. Max is strong, funny and real. She has a great sense of humor and a wicked fashion sense. She felt a little Carrie Bradshaw to me. The rest of the characters were enjoyable as well (I especially liked Ben). The writing flows well, and while I did enjoy the story for what it was, I felt that the third-person POV distanced me a bit. It was good for showing different perspectives of the various characters, I just wish I had felt a little closer to Max. I wasn’t as emotionally invested as I wanted to be.

While the story isn’t overly deep or meaningful, it does have a good message about knowing and respecting yourself. This is a cute book and one I would recommend to those of you who like their books on the lighter side and sprinkled with romance and teen drama.

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