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The Kingmaker's Daughter by Philippa Gregory
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Aug 06, 2012

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First let me say I am a huge PG fan. I have read all of her historical fiction novels and loved every one of them. I was very excited about the idea of reading about the life of Anne Neville (wife of Richard III). For some reason this book did not seem as compelling to me as her other novels. The first half of the book seemed to drag and the narrative was a little too repetitive. The book picked up for the second half. Unfortunately, the historical record on Anne's life is so vague and much of the book must rely on speculation. It's a decent read for anyone interested in the life of the Neville family, the War of the Roses and the House of York. But it's definitely not The Other Boleyn Girl.
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Jennifer I don't agree with this comment at all probably because I have a fascination with the Plantaganets & because there has been so much written about Anne Boleyn & the Tudors that I find that period very predictable but I really enjoyed this book v much & am looking forward to the next one

Stephanie Miceli I love the Plantagenets too. However, in my opinion the first half of TKD was lacking PG's usual flair and style. Too me, it seemed a bit repetitive and amaturish. The second half was better as I stated in the review. I was not comparing this book to the subject of Anne Boleyn but to the depth and scope of the writing style of The Other Boleyn Girl.

Bonnie I agree Stefanie. I am disapointed that I was disappointed. If that makes any sense to you. Parts of it I actually pushed myself through. Win some lose some. But still a P.G. fan. Bonnie

Stephanie Miceli Yes, Bonnie it makes total sense to me. I was disappointed too. I hate when u look so forward to reading a book only to be let down. That said, I am still a big PG fan and looking forward to her next book on Elizabeth of York.

Alaric Moras I've read almost all of Gregory's books and I agree completely with you. I was shocked at the quality of the book and the simplicity and sometimes, complete stupidity of the characters. I wondered if I had lost my taste for Gregory but then I opened up The White Queen, The Lady of the Rivers, etc and I realized that I still loved her writing, but this was simply poor quality. I am very disappointed here.

Stephanie Miceli Hi Alaric. I loved The Lady of the Rivers and really enjoyed The White Queen. I am really looking forward to her book on Elizabeth of York. :)))

Marcee Feddersen Agree! I was bored by it, and I usually love her books!

Stephanie Miceli Hi Marcee - I am keeping my fingers crossed that her next book on Elizabeth of York will be back up to her usual standards!!!

Kristy I have not read this book yet, but I agree with you about the repetitiveness. I've felt this way about her last couple books. The writing just isn't what it used to be. Wideacre and her Tudor books are much better written!

Stephanie Miceli Hi Kristy, I loved her tudor novels as well. I have not read the wildacre series yet but will get around to it eventually. I did enjoy the White Queen and Lady of the Rivers. I hope her next book is better. :)

Isabelle disposi

disappointing indeed. Boring, I love PG 's books about the Tudors, but her latest books are much less enchanting...

Stephanie Miceli Isabelle, I love her tudor novels as well. I am hoping that her next book is better.

message 13: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa I've just started this. .. huge PG fan myself but it's dragging a wee bit. I struggled with the "shopping list' style of The Other Queen but this isn't so far much of an improvement. I'll finish it but I can't see it becoming a battered loved copy like TQF, TOG, TWQ, LoTR are to me.

Stephanie Miceli Lisa wrote: "I've just started this. .. huge PG fan myself but it's dragging a wee bit. I struggled with the "shopping list' style of The Other Queen but this isn't so far much of an improvement. I'll finish it..."

Hi Lisa, it's a decent read and does pick up but definitely did not grab and hold my attention like TOBG. I am anxious to read her next book this summer and hope it is better. :)

Alicia can you read this book 1st without reading the others in the series?

Stephanie Miceli Yea absolutely. They are all stand alone novels.

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