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Maggie by Stephen Crane
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Nov 23, 2008

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and Other Stories is written by Stephen Crane.There are 7 other stories expect Maggie: A girl of the Street ,such as The Blue Hotel, Twelve O'Clock, Moonlight on the Snow and so on.The background of Maggie: A Girl of the Street is a poor situation.These people like Jimmie, Maggie and of course their family are very poor.Maggie's mother always drunk and Jimmie is either.Maggie falls in love with Pete ,but they are in the different world. I think all this happened because they are so poor and the don't have a wish to get the situation better.Drunk is a so bad thing that can make people lost themselves.
When I read that when Maggie fell in love with Pete,she began to notice the beautiful dress and women around her. She never noticed that before,but because of love,people's thoughts became different from before. All the thing in their mind is the person who they love and hoe they can make their lovers happy,even make them more suit. That is a little kind of crazy,but that's love!If you meet the right person and everything you do for her or him is worthy. But how about not? How about if he or she cheats? That's so terrible! Like Maggie, She didn't find her true love and Pete was not the Mr. Right for her. I felt so sad that Maggie died at last. Her life should be more beautiful ,and fewer tough things happened to her. But everything has gone. When her mother noticed that her little sweet child was died ,that was too late to regret.
Another thing remind me of my life in high school.That's the beginning of the story.It's a fight between two groups of boys: the Rum Alley boys vs. the Devil's Row boys. I'm a girl ,so I don't know why the boys often use this way to solve their problems.Like when I'm in high school, almost every week there was a fight between two boys or two groups of boys. Sometimes they fight because they fall in love with the same girl or some other little things that may be nothing in girl's eyes.Will the girls like their boys to fight for them. Someone may think that's so cool.But in my opinion ,fight is so rough and a kind of childish.It can't solve any problem.There are many ways to figure out what is better,not fight.If everyone think fight can solve problems,what about the problems between countries? Will the wars begin again? We are now in 21 century,we should be polite and use some smart ways .Everyone hope that we can live in a peaceful world.

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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Hi Sue,

I'm impressed that you chose a novel by Stephen Crane! How much do you know about Mr. Crane? He died very young and is best-known for his novel on the Civil War, THE RED BADGE OF COURAGE. You might want to read it sometime, but be ready for the southern dialect that the soldiers speak.

You've done an exemplary job this semester with ER. Best wishes to you, Sue!



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