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Autumn by David Moody
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Aug 04, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: did-not-finish

When i started this book, i was prepared for a good "hunker down" zombie read. The beginning somewhat even promised this, millions die within a day, just fell like being struck by lightning. All over the world people died. Then we are lead to a small group of survivors. As per usual.. we are introduced to the "important" ones ; That is when it drags down to nothing. I couldnt get past the "woe is me" type thoughts of the characters (of which there are MANY thoughts like this) and not to mention i HATED Micheal from the beginning. Ah but what of the action you may say! Well the action i was expecting was not there...far from it actually..(i wont say more on this subject because i dont want to ruin what could be a good book for someone else.) Instead I was given a small group of people who drive here, then there, then drive some more, then gripe and moan, then get angry , then feel guilty, then get sulky of the fact that they feel guilty . If i wanted filler and a roller-coaster ride of useless emotions that DO NOT flesh out the characters at all for read a romance novel.I want to connect with the characters in a book, feel like they are my friends and root for them to live, gasp at their struggles and cry for the lose they experience ; for me i got none of this out of this book and so i was disappointed . I really wanted to like this book...i really did. I attempted to finish it on many occasions. But ales i finally had to give up after i realized not only was i reading a chapter without even knowing what i read, but also i was HOPING for someone to die. So i can not recommend this book or series at all .

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