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Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec
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it was amazing

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Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of really heavy books. Not intentionally, but it’s been that way for awhile – lots of abuse, drug use, alcoholism – you name it, it’s brought me to tears while reading. Seduction and Snacks was the absolute perfect break for me. I can say very honestly it was THE FUNNIEST book I have ever read. This book brought me to tears – but they were from laughing fits. Seriously, could not contain them.

Imagine being Claire – you lose your virginity at the age of 20 during a drunken, one night stand. She gets up and leaves the next morning, without so much as knowing the guy’s name. While she was really attracted to him (or so she thinks, because she was THAT drunk), she doesn’t have time for a boyfriend and she used him for what she needed…unfortunately, she spends the next four years thinking of him daily…because she had his baby! When fate brings them back together 5 years later, it seems that Carter has been unable to keep Claire out of his mind, too, but he never expected to find out what he did when he finally saw her (and finally remembered her) again! Through being reacquainted with one another, they try to navigate “insta-family” to a mouthy, too-smart 4.5 year old, Gavin. This makes for some absolutely great dialogue and story lines, especially since they never even knew each other’s first names for the longest time!

In my opinion, Ms. Sivec is a freaking genius! She has the absolute perfect combination of comedy (like piss your pants funny stuff), steam (seriously sexy moments, and sometimes hilarious) and heartwarming romance. One aspect that I absolutely loved was the honesty – about childbirth, about sex, about relationships, about friends – all of it. Honest and raw and real and so damn funny! There were so many awkward and uncomfortable moments, and HELLO, that’s how life is. More times than not, especially if you found yourself in a situation such as these characters did! Sivec does an amazing job of bringing together the right mix of funny and serious moments.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the stellar supporting characters that Ms. Sivec has created. They are the perfect complement to Claire and Carter. The conversations they all share are to die for – and again, I think real conversations – at least for me. This is my exact humor – inappropriate (for some), vulgar and so honest (if you can’t be honest with your best friends, who can you be honest with?). Again, while it’s so funny and they make fun of each other, you can see the love they have and how they all support each other so well. And come on, Drew’s t-shirts – freaking hysterical!

Stand out quotes that had me dying:

"I remember that night fondly. And by fondly I mean with bitter resentment toward all things alcoholic and with a penis." - Claire, on her one night stand experience

"There is no way you were even remotely as surprised as me. If I woke up tomorrow with my tits sewn to the curtains, I wouldn’t be this much in shock." - Claire, to Liz, after seeing Carter at Liz's dinner party (and he still doesn't remember Claire)

I give this book 4.5 stars and highly recommend this to anyone. Please note, though, this is adult content and crude and graphic and, in my opinion, that makes one hell of a great book. WARNING: reading this in public will more than likely make you look like an ass, though, because it is impossible to contain your laughter – I know because I was reading at the gym and snorted out loud no less than 3 times and got all sorts of looks for it. It was SO worth it. I cannot wait for the sequel to come out this fall!
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Quotes Madison Liked

Tara Sivec
“And let’s face it people, no one is ever honest with you about child birth. Not even your mother.       “It’s a pain you forget all about once you have that sweet little baby in your arms.”     Bullshit.   I CALL BULLSHIT.   Any friend, cousin, or nosey-ass stranger in the grocery store that tells you it’s not that bad is a lying sack of shit.   Your vagina is roughly the size of the girth of a penis.   It has to stretch and open andturn into a giant bat cave so the life-sucking human you’ve been growing for nine months can angrily claw its way out.   Who in their right mind would do that willingly?   You’re just walking along one day and think to yourself, “You know, I think it’s time I turn my vagina into an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar (minus the cheddar) and saddle myself down for a minimum of eighteen years to someone who will suck the soul and the will to live right out of my body so I’m a shell of the person I used to be and can’t get laid even if I pay for it.”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks

Tara Sivec
“I remember that night fondly. And by fondly, I mean with bitter resentment toward all things alcoholic and with a penis.”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks

Tara Sivec
“I had been out of the game for too long. I couldn’t even get drunk and flirt anymore. I could however, get drunk and look like a stroke victim.”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks

Tara Sivec
“I quickly tried to do the math but my brain was a jumbled mess and I couldn’t remember what number comes after potato!”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks

Tara Sivec
“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when they cut your wiener,” Gavin sang as he pointed his gun at random objects.
“Wow, cops have gotten pretty hardcore lately” Carter muttered.”
Tara Sivec, Seduction and Snacks

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23.0% "Cannot stop laughing. Looked like a complete ass when I snorted on the treadmill in a full gym this morning!"
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