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Mattimeo by Brian Jacques
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Nov 22, 2008

really liked it
Read in April, 2010

Brian Jacuqes
ACE Books 1989, 1999
448 pages

The third book in the Redwall series (though chronologically, at the time, the second), Mattimeo tells the tale of Matthais', the hero and protagonist on Redwall , son Mattimeo, the rebellious type. Mattimeo picks up where Redwall leaves off. All is at peace. Matthais married Cornflower, the field mouse, and Clooney the Scourge is dead. As Father Abbot said at his last breath at the end of Redwall ..."Redwall is at peace again".
...So you would think, until a sly fox comes and preforms a show. The animals of Redwall saw nothing wrong with this masked fox, Slagar the Cruel, who is seeking revenge against Matthais' for essentially
"messing up his face". In truth, his mother, Sela, exploited both the creatures of Redwall abbey, and Clooney the Scourge's people. When Clooney finds out about all of this, he orders Sela, and "Chickenhound" to be slain. Sela gets killed, and Chickenhound managed to escape, and is treating at the infamy at Redwall abbey. When he is nursed back to health, he escapes, and kills Methuselah, an old church mouse who Matthais admired. He escaped, but gets his faced torn open by Asmodeus, the snake (who Mathais later kills in Redwall ). It was believed that "Chickenhound" died at that point.
So focused on getting revenge, and not seeing the other side to the story, Chickenhound puts a drug in all the adults drinks and kidnaps all the children of Redwall Abbey to be slaves. He punishes Mattimeo the most, confronting him about the story above later on.
The story revolves around the journey of Matthais, Basil Stag-Hare, a Badger, and a few other fathers on a journey to rescue their son. While this is going on, the woman of Redwall have their own battle (defeating General Ironbeaks Army, who have plans to conquer Redwall).
What attracted me to this story, was the television program based on this story. I remember watching Redwall when I was five or six, and then the transition to this new and exciting next chapter Mattimeo . I got into the books shortly afterwards, but they were too big and advanced for me. Now I'm making the effort to read the 7-8+ books on my book shelf. They are a blast to read if you're the kind of person that likes reading about anthropomorphic animals.

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