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Virals by Kathy Reichs
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Aug 04, 2012

really liked it

Virals by Kathy Reichs

When science lovers Tory Brennan and her friends Shelton, Ben, and Hi break into an off-limits island and lab and find a caged wolfdog puppy they quickly break him out. Unknowingly they have released more than the wolfdog, they also unleash a mutated strain of canine parvovirus that infects all four friends, changing their DNA to that of a wolves. With newfound stronger senses they are ready for anything, including solving a coldblooded murder where the killer has them listed as another victim.

Tory finds a military ID dogtag on a remote island used as an observation research facility called Loggerhead Island, and she knows she has to find the illegible name. Breaking into a restricted lab they find more than just a name. Huddled in a cage is a sick wolfdog puppy is scheduled for termination. They quickly break the dog out but unleash a virus that infects them all, changing part of their DNA so they have occasional “flares” of wolf senses. The name on the dogtag quickly leads Tory, Shelton, Ben, and Hi on the hunt of a murderer. The truth of the murder comes to life when they find a girl’s skeleton on Loggerhead Island. By the time the cops arrive the skeleton is gone and they take things into their own hands. When the killer comes after them they have to rely on their wolf abilities and each other to survive, quickly becoming more than friends but a pack. While avoiding her father’s girlfriend who wants to dress Tory like a doll, she follows the scent of the murderer to a so called friend who is willing to finish what his family started.

Virals was by far the best book I have ever read for a number of reasons. I could relate to Tory, the main character in the since that she actually likes learning new things and science, is loyal to her friends, and would risk everything to save something that can’t save itself. Every part of the story grabbed me so I couldn’t put the book down. This story isn’t like anything you’ve read before with sci-fi, fiction, mystery, adventure and lots of accurate facts. If you liked Maximum Ride you are sure to like Virals. This book would be a favorite of any teen who loves nature, wolves, learning, science, or just a page turning adventure story.

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