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Forever... by Judy Blume
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I did not read this book when I was a teen, but I did read other books similar to this one.

I think the original appeal of this book was the frankness of the discussions about a teenagers first sexual relationship. It provides information about a topic that is generally not easy to discuss in a format that allows young adults to get the information in the non-threatening way of reading it in a book.

This title reflects the time period in which it was written in how the characters interact with each other, the way the speak and even the decor described in the book.

I think that this book is still being read by young adults today because it is an easy read about a situation that most young people encounter in their own lives. It is a story about first love and the highs and lows of such a relationship.

The characterizations in this book reconcile with my views and experiences with young adults, both of teens during that time period and those that I work with currently. There are aspects of the story that modern teens can easily identify with.

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