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Planet Tad by Tim Carvell
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Aug 03, 2012

it was amazing
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I'd originally thought that this book would be a collection of the Planet Tad articles from Mad Magazine, so if you're like me and wondering if that's what this is, it's not. Luckily you won't be disappointed, because this book is really funny.

One of my favorite parts of the book was that it had a wide age appeal. If an adult were to pick up this book (such as myself), they'd be able to get into it pretty easily. Not once was I bored while reading this and I managed to finish it in one night since I really couldn't put it down.

The humor is fairly good here, although a lot of it is a little dated at times. There's jokes here that would center around being young and all that entails, but many of the kids might wonder why the jokes are all about SpongeBob, Avatar, and Hannah Montana. Not that they won't appreciate the jokes, but they might wish for more mention of shows and movies that are more recent, such as Adventure Time. There is a joke about the Hunger Games, but I think that's one of the only recent things that gets poked fun at. This won't keep the kids from enjoying it and certainly didn't take away from the book, but if you're going to mention current shows and fads you've got to keep it somewhat recent.

For those who are interested, there are a series of illustrations liberally peppered throughout the book ala Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I had an advance copy, but I compared the quality in my copy to the preview here on Amazon and they're fairly close in appearance. (So I can comment on them.) They're pretty cute and I admit that the "inappropriate astrological sign mug" illustration had me cracking up pretty heavily.

Content-wise, if you're a parent that's worried about whether or not it'll be appropriate for your child, no worries. There's very little here to object to, if anything. This is pretty squeaky clean and is around the level of the Wimpy Kid books.

Overall this is a great read and one that I know I'll be introducing to my nephew as soon as possible. (He's the ultimate test of whether it'll appeal to kids or not.) I absolutely recommend it for any Mad Magazine fans of any age. If there's a second entry (and I hope there will be), I'd be willing to plunk my own money down for a copy.

(ARC provided by Amazon Vine)

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08/03/2012 page 1
0.0% "I flipped through this some and I guess I was expecting this to be reprints of the PT stuff from Mad Magazine. It's not, but this is pretty freaking funny from what I can see so far."
08/03/2012 page 10
4.0% "Tad on Lady & the Tramp: "What's the chef's story? How do you wind up running a restaurant that serves pasta to dogs? Is that his whole business? Or does he onlydo it as a sideline? Do the dogs pay him somehow? How does he stay in business? Is he mentally ill? And what about the other kitchen workers? Are they just humoring him?""
08/03/2012 page 26
10.0% "I'm going to try to finish this overnight so I can give it to my nephew tomorrow so I can watch him giggle as he reads this."
08/03/2012 page 88
34.0% "This is pretty cute so far. The artwork is nice & comparing it to the preview on Amazon, it's very close to the final artwork. I think what I like most is that you can read random entries without much worry and the humor here will appeal to adults without alienating or being inappropriate for younger audiences."
08/04/2012 page 138
54.0% "I <3 this book so much."

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