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Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy
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Aug 03, 2012

really liked it
Read from August 03 to 08, 2012

Girl meets boy, sparks fly but girl plays hard to get. Boy is intrigued, and pursues relentlessly, chipping at girl's walls.

Oh Levi, you are so arrogant. Good looking and you know it. Strutting your stuff; showing off those pecs, handsome face, and those wings. I mean, who could resist a good, strong pair of wings?

But eventually the lure is too much for girl, and she gives in to the sparks. (She couldn't resist. I don't blame her.)

As stubborn as Allie is and as self controlled as she thinks she is, the pull towards Levi is too strong. And the allure of this other world she is introduced to... how can a girl say no to that?

But Allie definitely bit off more than she can chew.... or did Levi?

Typical YA novel, but with a very interesting plot with supernatural creatures that are quite original from what I have read. Though I wanted a lot more information on the Pterons, seeing as this is the first of a series, I am sure my thirst for more knowledge will be satisfied in upcoming novels (I hope).

Alyssa Rose Ivy introduces some very interesting and colorful characters, who are full bodied and believable. You find yourself immersed in intrigue and drama that may be all too familiar when reminiscing of youthful (or adult!) mistakes or impulses, combined with great action and the magic of the paranormal element of the story line.
The story being located in New Orleans held a little magic all of its own. New Orleans is bewitching to me, and the writer did a great job of writing in enough elements to always remind you where these characters are. Some of the locations described, even the food, drink and music in the background made the story even more spellbinding and intriguing.

There wasn't one dull moment in this novel, from start to finish. It kept my interest completely throughout. It ended quite abruptly, which led me to scratch my head in confusion, confirm the word/page count, and then wallow in the feeling of disappointment that it was, indeed, finished.... for now!

Needless to say I look forward to the second installment of the series with much anticipation.

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