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Appetizers by Ivan Rusilko
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Aug 02, 2012

really liked it

What a wonderfully romantic novel!  The intimate moments in the book were definately HAWT! but the book was about so much more than those moments.  There are moments in this book that literally take your breath away.  I had some minor issues with the book and I am sure that much will be made of them as the book continues along the path of its skyward trajectory, for instance- The endearment "Baby Girl" was so over used in the middle of the book that I had to stop reading for long moments to compose myself. I often found myslef thinking "If he calls her "baby girl" one more time I am going to scream!"  But, these minor details are barely worth mentioning and may just be a personal preference.  Overall, the hero was an incredible romantic, the heroine was strong willed and independent and the book was very well written- to get all three within one book seems to be a thing of rarity these days.  There were so many times that I would stop just to re-read a line and let it sink in.  Some of my favorites from the hero of the novel were: 

"Ninety percent of the population spends time imagining their future and forgetting that now is where we live and breathe.  The ten percent who live in the present are the ones who have stories to tell, the ones who live life the way it's meant to be lived. . . " 

"You can't keep looking over your shoulder because your future is always in front of you. . . as it is now."  

"So what about you. . . How many guys do I have to thank for passing up their chance to be with you?" (swoon!) 

“I would give you anything your heart desires, even if it means your happiness over my own.”

I have already heard comparisons of this book to Fifty Shades of Grey and in my opinion it does a disservice to both books.  They are both in a class by themselves.  Although this book opens with a bang, literally, it has a slow burn and takes its time- it is definately to be savored.  Fifty Shades of Grey was a hot fast read.  Was one better than the other?  If compared side by side perhaps someone can come up with a winner but to me they both stand alone in categories all their own.  

Overall, this book is an encredibly enjoyable read.  It does not disappoint! And the ending. . .(deep dreamy sigh) although you will probably see it coming too because let's face it- it's a trilogy and it's not destined to end with the first book, it still manages to surprise you and reach in and squeeze your heart.

P.S. I was totally cool with him calling her his Baby Girl then LOL!:-)

P.P.S What is WRONG with some of you reviewers? What do you have against Tantric, marathon-like hot monkey sex? Yes the sex scenes were refreshingly realistic but so is Tantric, marathon-like, hot monkey sex. Don't you remember? SMH. Well, there are two more books to go and I bet book two opens with hot monkey sex. Make up sex is the best! LMAO! Happy reading everyone!:-)
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Tina aside from the pet name, it was well worth it no? :)


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