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Intimate Enemies by Joan  Swan
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Aug 01, 2012

it was amazing
Read in August, 2012

Rio Santana has been undercover for over a year now.  Rising to the top of Saul Flores’s smuggling ring and becoming Saul’s right-hand man.  Everything is finally coming together and they’ll be taking Saul down as soon as he makes this last big deal.   Maybe then Rio will go back to San Diego to see Cassie Christo again.  Holding her during her mother and stepbrother’s funerals, grieving their loss with her, he felt a connection with her that he’s never felt before.  One he wants to explore further.

That is until she walks into her mother’s house in Baja, Mexico, looking beautiful, sexy and truly pissed off.  She’s demanding answers into her family’s deaths.  As she goes head to head with her stepfather, she’s starting to make Saul nervous and that makes Saul dangerous.   Try as he might, Rio can’t get Cassie to understand the danger she is in, not just from Saul and his “business” partners, but from the warring Muerta and Diablo gangs both determined to take over the area, and both gangs would love to kidnap the beautiful, wealthy Cassie.  But Cassie can’t see past her anger and her need to remove Saul from her family home, to see the dangers surrounding her.

As the danger increases, Rio keeps closer to Cassie, but that is doing nothing to save them both from the desires growing between them, and Rio knows that to give in to those desires, with all the lies between them, would ruin any future they might have.

Like the gangs in her story, Joan Swan is trying to take over as the new boss of the romance genre, and she’s doing a hell of a job of it.  

In giving us a heroine with ten times as much bravery as she has common sense, I don’t know who was more stressed out, me or Rio; in giving us a hero who we know is good, who Cassie knows in her heart is a good man, but for her safety as well as his own, he has to keep up the pretense of being dangerous and dirty; and in taking us down to Baja, Mexico which is presented as a hotbed of gang wars, a corrupt police force, and Saul Flores, the small time gangster trying to take over as the biggest smuggler around, Joan keeps the danger level and tensions high.  And speaking of tension, there is such incredible sexual tension between Rio and Cassie, which culminates into the some of most incredible love scenes I have read.  Yowza!  

This was an exciting, dangerous, sexy story which just didn’t stop from beginning to end.  This is definitely a must read for everyone’s list. 

Now, I think it’s time to go take a Xanax and lie down.  Maybe go read a nice quiet vampire book…

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