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Oath of Gold by Elizabeth Moon
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Aug 01, 2012

it was ok
Read from August 01 to 08, 2012

And thus ends this trilogy, but I do see there are more books in this series. I admit I found this book disappointing. I have come to expect an amount of deus ex machina in any book or series I read in which magic is involved. The less defined the magic system is, the more wiggle room there is for one or more of the major characters to somehow get rescued in some illogical format that can only be attributed to some sort of aspect of magic. I usually try to give an author some sort of benefit of the doubt when they do this, especially if I find the book enjoyable otherwise. In this case I just cannot. Time and again the main character finds herself in an impossible situation in which she should not escape only to have the gods pop up and save her.

I also found multiple characters to be a bit bothersome, including the main character. More than once she would not allow a person she was speaking with the finish what they were saying before overriding them with her authority. In a previous book, a group of people who fight for good manipulate her to do something she was otherwise not going to do. I kept waiting even throughout this book for her to catch on to what they did and call them out on it to show that what they did was not right, especially when she seems to have a black and white understanding on what is right. It never happened.

The author has talent, I will not deny that. However if she could figure out a way to save her characters without resorting to having the gods pluck her out of danger with her memories maybe being there and maybe not but not completely understanding how she escaped certain danger I might give this book a better rating. But as it is, this book annoyed me enough that at least at this time I do not have any desire to read any of the other books dealing with these characters.

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