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Kiss of Steel by Bec McMaster
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Jul 31, 2012

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bookshelves: steampunk, kindle, historical-fantasy
Read from July 29 to 31, 2012

In a Sentence: Though I had issues with some aspects of Kiss of Steel, it was still a quick and enjoyable read with a very interesting mythology.

My Thoughts

I should probably admit right off the bat that I'm a sucker for steampunk. I'm a huge history fan, and I love how the steampunk and historical fantasy genres can allow for SO much creativity from an author! With that being said, I haven't read nearly as many books from this genre as I've wanted to (time conflicts and all that), so when I saw that Kiss of Steel was available on NetGalley, I decided to request it.

When I first started reading, I wasn't sure if I was going to have a positive experience with this book. From the cover and synopsis, you pretty much know that Kiss of Steel is going to be a romance, so I was prepared for that, but still...I felt that Blade seemed to become obsessed with Honoria a little too quickly, and at times, she seemed a little too much like the infamous damsel in distress. Thankfully, these issues became less noticeable as the story progressed.

As for the main character, my liking of Honoria went back and forth throughout the book. There were lots of things I liked about her character. Honoria is a clever, intelligent woman. After all, she HAS to be in order to maintain the illusion of wealth and prestige she's created in order to get by with a "proper" job. In addition to that, Honoria definitely acts more"modern" than the "proper" Victorian women of the time, and she's not afraid to do what is necessary in order to safeguard her family (including weapon-wielding and engaging in a not-so-upstanding contract with Blade). But at the same time, there were quite a few moments in the book where Honoria would revert back to being the model romance heroine, which frustrated me quite a bit.

However, though my relationship with the main character was kind of lukewarm at times, my biggest problem with Kiss of Steel was the gratuitous sex scenes. This is one thing I'm almost always afraid of running into when I read romance, because not only is it one of my pet peeves, but it's also something that happens rather frequently in the genre. You doesn't make me uncomfortable or embarrassed, but I also think that there's a time and a place for it. I have no problem with characters wanting to get intimately involved with each other, but as a reader, I get bored when it happens so often that I feel like it's a distraction from the story, and by the end of Kiss of Steel, I had definitely experienced this feeling several times.

In spite of my issues, Kiss of Steel was one of those books that was almost compulsively readable. I could sit down intending to read a chapter or two and look up at the clock and realize an hour had passed. I also thought that the world-building was very well-done. The mythology surrounding the vampires and the not-quite-vampiric blue bloods felt fresh and original, and it really added a lot to the overall atmosphere of the book. Overall, I think fans of the steampunk and romance genres (especially those who aren't quite as picky as me) will really enjoy this book. Though I had my issues, Kiss of Steel was a fun, entertaining way to pass the time.
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