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Fantastic Four by Waid & Wieringo by Mark Waid
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This book collects the start of Mark Waid and MikeJo Wieringo's run on Fantastic Four.

The book kicks off with Issue 60, which is a one-shot overview of the Fantastic Four and the sort of things that they do and experience. They've hired a marketing guy to help promote the team and he's trying to figure them out. Given that Waid admitted a lack of interest in the characters coming in, this character feels a lot like self-insertion, like he's speaking for how Waid understands the group. It's still an interesting read.

Issue 61 finds Ben murderously outraged about the latest Yancy Street prank and we learn who was really behind all the pranks we'd seen for 40 years prior. Sue sends Johnny to stop Ben and plans to make him more responses.

Issues 62-64 is the ʃ£πt¡Σπ storyline in which a character made up of computer code emerges and starts going after the non-Reed Richards members of the Fantastic Four. This is a decent enough story with a solid conclusion that allows Reed to shine.

Issues 65 and 66 is the two part, "The Small Stuff" story with Johnny in his new role managing the company's corporation deals with someone who wants to buy unstable molecules and Ben and Reed deal with an interdimensional insectile creature in the Baxter Building. The Ben and Reed plot is fine and some bit of B-plot comic relief, but it's the Johnny plot that ultimately makes this interesting and gives some needed character moments.

The book also includes Avengers #400. I think the only reason I can think for for the inclusion is that it was written by Waid. It's an effective celebration of 400 issues of the Avengers that provides a satisfying end, though all we get of the Fantastic Four is a cameo.

Overall, this was not bad. Waid brings a nice perspective to the Fantastic Four, appreciated them as a family and introduces some fun ideas. I look forward to reading more.

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