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Armed & Magical by Lisa Shearin
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Nov 18, 2008

really liked it

Elves to the left of her, goblins to the right....and all Raine wants is OUT! After trying to help her friend she wound up with this magic stone the Saghred - otherwise known as the Soul Stealer - and next thing she knew it liked her! Now she was stuck with it, and everyone wanted a piece of her - well, the stone, really, they didn't really want her. But since it hadn't driven her insane, as it was known to do with anyone else who had touched it, a lot of questions were being tossed around. But since her mild Seeker skills had increased exponentially, as well, not too many of those questions were being asked to her face.

For now Raine and her friends have taken amnesty on the Isle of Mid with the Guardians. Raine's father, the former custodian of the Saghred, was a Guardian; they are all hoping that the stone may be contained there at the sorcery school. The spell shields help contain the stone while it is dormant, but soon trouble finds it's way to the island and Raine and her friends are soon at the eye of the storm.

Unfortunately, the Isle of Mid is also home to the Conclave, the sorcerer's governing body. It is clear that many of the sorcerers want the Saghred for their own - the power it holds draws the greed of many - but Raine is not one of the many. She stumbled upon these changes and simply wants her life back, but is slowly realizing that nothing will ever be the same again. But what will never change is how important her friends and family matter - and having this much power to control is teaching her to limit her trust in others more quickly than usual.
When the school's best spell-singer students begin to disappear - and Raine is afraid her adopted brother Piaris is next - Raine decides that she must use the power she has despite the danger of the Saghred gaining strength over her - and her losing control.

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