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The Program by Suzanne Young
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Jul 30, 2012

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First off, reading other reviews I rolled my eyes. A lot. Since when do distopian governments in young adult books make sound scientific decisions? Their nefarious plots always involve shady science. The world the author creates is not our world. By saying nobody knows the cause the author didn't have to give scientific reasons. I suspect more information will be in the next book.

I don't agree with people who say it's irresponsible to mention teen suicide in a book. Or mental illness. I personally believe the danger comes when dialogue ends. And look at that, so many comments and reviews about the topic. I don't think reading fiction should be the only exposure a teenager has to such topics, but I also think parents should be aware of what their child reads. Come on, you can see what the description is. If it offends you, why open the cover at all?

As far as co dependence between Sloane and James goes... I don't think teenagers need to be so involved, but their circumstances are extreme. They've gone through tragedy together. My opinion is a bit different for adults. Imagine you are severely depressed but can't truly get help. And you have to fake it so hard every day. The boy who understands, who protects you would seem like a life preserver in the ocean and of course you'd cling to him with every breath. Some people see unhealthy. Here are two teenagers dealing with severe depression, PTSD and survivors guilt but who are completely denied help. I thought it was interesting how Sloane is the one who seems weaker, but as time goes on you see that's not the case. James needs to be the savior.

I think it's interesting all the kids start drawing black spirals. I hope the author develops that more.
I think it's interesting the author says the program hollows you out. That is a major and common complaint about antidepressants and anti psychotics. The odd thing is, in some ways the program does seem to work. Sloane realizes she doesn't want to be completely reliant on James, and expects better behavior from him. And since they worked their way back to each other, it makes you wonder exactly what the program changes. Sure the memories are gone, Lacy and Sloane and James all fall back into old patterns though.

The flashbacks break my heart. I hope those memories aren't truly gone.

So up to this point in this review you must think I just adore this book and everything about it. NO. I thought there were holes, I thought the teenagers were WAY oversexed. I would have liked to have seen Sloane make James fall in line a bit.

I see from others reviews that people are very passionate about their opinions of the book. Bravo, but before anybody comments on mine be aware I'm not interested in a debate. If your opinion differs from mine- your life experiences have obviously been different than mine and have formed your opinion opposite. Tip of the hat, respect. If your opinion is the same as mine- I agree with you gorgeous, tip of the hat, respect.

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