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Avoiding Commitment by K.A. Linde
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Jul 30, 2012

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bookshelves: a-f-ing-noying, infuriating, intriguing, love-quadrangles-or-something-like
Read from August 04 to 11, 2012

3.5 STARS- WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

Son of a Murderous Sea Witch, this book is BLOODY FRUSTRATING!

A hospital full of psychiatrists and psychologists couldn’t figure out the dysfunctional, destructive relationship between Lexi and Jack. I think I needed closure more than Lexi did which is why I kept reading. I put this book down so many times so that I could work through my annoyance and distain for the characters. I actually came to points where I truly couldn’t stand to read about them anymore. Lexi and Jack couldn’t make a good decision if their lives depended on it!

Lexi, oh, Lexi…you are a fucking moron for someone who is supposed to be so smart. Every time Lexi rationalized her cheating behavior or Jack’s all I could think of was the kind of women who ended up married and rationalizing why their husbands cheated on them and how it was really their fault they hadn’t been a better wife. Her first reaction to Jack had been right on…she gave him up as soon as he told her he had a girlfriend. She didn’t talk to him for nearly a year. Then she saw him again and all that common sense she initially had fled as if it had never been present. The next six years were spent fucking up every decent relationship she had because Jack suddenly reappeared after long intervals of time where they hadn’t spoken to or seen one another. And every time, Lexi rationalized the cheating, lying and manipulation without ever receiving a promise of commitment. WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! They were on and off like a light switch except it seemed to happen every other year in their relationship. Lexi knew Jack was a lying bastard and that she had no impulse control when she was with him yet she constantly let herself get sucked in and let herself be led and blinded. She recognized the relationship as unhealthy and yet, she still rationalized that Jack loved her and would eventually choose her. UHH….NEWSFLASH: HE DIDN’T CHOOSE YOU THE FIRST THREE TIMES; HE ISN’T GOING TO CHOOSE YOU NOW! She was the only person who couldn’t see how truly delusional and pathetic she was which was too bad. She is smart in everything else and has a lot going for her but she tosses it out the second Jack beckons. NAUSIATING! At least, she redeems herself at the end leaving him behind, giving him a speech that literally made me cheer inside my head; but, how long will it last? She’s walked away before and ended up right back where she started so I don’t know if I really believe she will leave him alone if he happens to come back into her life later.

Jack, the ultimate MAN WHORE! He was one slick Motherfucker. Lies rolled easily off his tongue and he was soooo good at deflecting questions away from himself and making Lexi feel guilty for bringing up their “relationship” and its status. He could be so convincing and conniving. Honestly, he and Bekah deserve each other. Jack had no redeeming qualities in my mind even though I was hoping something might redeem him in the end. But, no, there are so many lies that I felt like I couldn’t trust a word that came out of his mouth which only made me despise him more. Lying, self centered and insincere to the very end. I have no respect for him because he’s a LYING SON OF A BITCH and he doesn’t care who he fucks over literally and figuratively. I had no respect for Lexi because she was weak, knew she’s weak and still managed to put herself into the most compromising situations. (Though, if she manages to stick with her conviction to let Jack go, I might be tempted to have some respect for her again in the next book.)

Bekah, Jack’s fiancé is a RICH BITCH MEAN GIRL and she plays her part well. I really hated her at the end of the book and at the same time, what she said to Lexi was spot on! She’s a conniving bitch who doesn’t realize she hasn’t actually won because she can’t see past wanting/needing to “win” Jack. Jack is still Jack. He screwed Lexi the night he proposed to Bekah even if Bekah isn’t aware of that fact. She’s as naïve as Lexi but in a different way.

Chyna and Ramsey were the only central supporting characters I didn’t hate. Chyna was truly a GREAT FRIEND who was HONEST WITH HERSELF AND LEXI and I respect her for that. I respect her even more for staying with Lexi despite Lexi’s obvious masochistic stupidity concerning her relationship with Jack. And, Ramsey, I found him likable even though he was a more vague kind of presence in the sense that the reader doesn’t get much information about who he is as a person. He was important and I admired his GENUINE CONCERN for Lexi. He really seemed to care for her and I hated his sister, Bekah, for tarnishing him in front of Lexi at the end. Even if he did participate in her scheme, I really believed he had sincere feelings for Lexi and I hope they work it out in the next book.

This book was frustrating and intriguing all at the same time. I was up and down going between angry, furious, pissed and dumbfounded at the actions of the main characters. I just could not fathom this situation and being so infatuated with someone that just the sight of them would make me forget everything including the people I loved. To me, what Lexi and Jack share isn’t love in any sense of the word. They may care for each other to some twisted degree but they don’t know what real love is in order to really experience it.

All of that said, I will probably read “Avoiding Responsibility” because I want to know more about Ramsey and if he ends up with Lexi. If he does end up with Lexi, she better not fuck him over like she did to her other boyfriends all in the name of one blue-eyed man whore named Jack. I would also like to see Bekah knocked out of her white tower and of course, if Jack was also punished, by say falling off a cliff, that would be PERFECT! Lexi is already enduring enough self recrimination and as long as she doesn’t go back to Jack, I think she has suffered sufficiently. If she hooks up with Jack again, I am swearing this series off!

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51.0% "I haven't been able to read this in long stretches. The characters are too volitile--all of them. I find I am intrigued but need time to give the characters another chance after they screw up REPEATEDLY! Honestly, they all piss me off except Ramsey...he hasn't done anything irritating yet. Lexi is smart but annoyingly weak. Worse, she knows it. Jack is a F***ing asshole. He needs to fall off the edge of the earth."
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