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After by Ellen Datlow
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Jul 30, 2012

it was amazing

OMG I loved this one from the After book anthology - Vail was cured from being a monster that killed people - all the Rehabilitated still feel the dark desire to eat flesh & everything & Vail meets James & one night, he comes over & the monsters get in & nearly get him but she saves him by shooting them with the cure - it was so deep & dark & mysterious ! :D

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It was great! There was a lot of different takes on what the world could look like after some sort of disaster went down/end of the world stuff
My favourites were definitely "AFter the Cure" By Carrie Ryan about how people were rehabilitated after being monsters & how they killed & ate people & now, Vail, a girl who used to be a monster, still feels that bloodlust & she knows this boy James who she saves one night when the monsters come to her door.
"The Other Elder" by Beth Revis was amazing too, since I love her series "Across the universe" and this story tied in with it - an Elder (a young one) grew up & controlled the people, after seeing what happened before the Elder system came into place - he saw this woman fighting & didn't believe putting people on drugs was right but he did it & at the end, he did what all the other Elders did, killed himself with a black patch :O
And lastly, I liked "Faint Heart"by Sarah Rees Brennan - about the perfect girl that was created - Rosamond, and now, people compete to win Rosamond & marry her & become King with her as Queen - so the people are forced to compete & Rosamond & her lady in waiting i forget her name train with one of their guards & Rosamond on the day of the ceremony thing, announces that she will compete & fight for herself - she stays within the rules of course & it's a great ending - there's a perspective of a loyal boy who believes he loves Rosamond & a thief, whose wife, Persie died (& he's a teen too, so it was sad) & he thinks that all Rosamond is worth is money & she's not worth anything to anyone - but Rosamond wants to fight for herself & i do hope she won her freedom in a way :)
So it was a great collection of stories - there were so many different ones & they were all interesting :)

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Using the name Elder & Eldest all the times can get to be a bit confusing. But it begins with a young Elder & there's an Elder in the gen b4 him & an Eldest - the Eldest dies which is natural & Elder becomes Eldest & Elder is the only Elder - the old Eldest died with a black patch & now, the new Eldest gives Elder a series of vids to watch when the first Eldest came into rule/power. There was a fight against people in red & white (white was the Eldest's side) & the woman in red was so passionate & fiery & had so much emotion but ultimately they were killed & Elder thinks it's wrong to control people with drugs. It's not fair & it isn't right but then at the end, that Elder has become Eldest & wonders if the young Elder will feel the same way he did, thinking that controlling the people was wrong & the same cycle will continue forever, even after he's pressed the black patch to his neck.
I have Shades of Earth & I can't wait to read it!!!

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