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Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong
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Jul 29, 2012

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I just finished the book. I'm a little sad cause it's the last in the series. But I would rather it end on a high note instead of getting it ridiculous.
Honestly, I fell in love with the original characters in the first few books and now the final installment seems to be a big fat book of Savannah drama. I should've known.
A few years ago, I wrote the author to give my appreciation for her books. I also mentioned how I found Savannah kind of irritating because of her negative opinion of humans. I was thrilled when Kelley Armstrong (or her assistant) wrote me back. Basically they agreed about Savannah and implied that she will be tackling these issues. So I had an idea of how the series would go.
*** My main complaints***
1. Savannah (of course) is 21 and surrounded by people many years older and wiser, and no one steps up and says "stop, get the hell out of the way, leave this for the professionals or at least people with more experience". So what if she is not a teenager anymore, she proves time and time again that her ego doesn't allow her to follow orders or simply treat others with respect. I'm sorry was the title of this book sarcastic, love struck teenager saves the day. Because of this I found it really hard to picture Savannah as an adult. Yet there she was running head first into danger while other with remarkalbe resources stand by and say ok. Was this a teen novel? never-mind.
2. Love or chaos, but not both. All I'm saying is if my friend was just kidnapped by a mad man,while she was pregnant, I would not be thinking about my steamy relationship with a long time friend. By the way Savannah was kidnapped, escaped, arrested, reunited with ***, held at knife point, escaped again, in all kinds of dangerous life changing situations and between these events her concern is her developing relationship and swooning over kisses. Most people would be in shock. I know..I know..Savannah is not most people......This was more fantasy than I thought.
3. Elena's story at the end was ok but too little more like a side note. I was expecting more(a lot more) of the pack in this book. And WTF, where did this Morgan person come from. I'm pretty sure I kept up with every novella. Where did Morgan come from???????????
Sorry folks I just don't like Savannah, she's brat, and I really wanted more Pack action. Actually, the Pack was the only reason I kept reading this series.

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