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The Black Prism by Brent Weeks
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Jul 29, 2012

liked it
Read from August 02 to 10, 2012

3 stars - I liked it. This book wasn't great, but it wasn't horrible.

What I liked:

Plot: After reading Eona, I was especially appreciative of a less predictable plot. There were a couple points where it flirted with the realm of soap opera, but overall I really enjoyed the twists and turns of the story. I thought it was well paced and intriguing.

The setting: Most particularly, the magic system. It was different and interesting. I also enjoyed the world and the backstory quite a bit. The color magic was really fun and well thought out. If I read the next book it will probably be because I liked the magic system so much.

What I didn't like:

The dialog: I really didn't like the reader for the audiobook, so maybe the dialog wouldn't have seemed quite as annoying with another reader. Or, maybe I got so annoyed with the reader because the dialog was so bad. At one point I wanted to complain about the characters, but the characters are actually pretty well developed and interesting. The problem is they keep saying things that either are wrong for the situation or wrong for the person they have been portrayed to be, often just for the sake of making a joke.

The body issues: There really wasn't much sex in the book, but every character seemed to go on and on about their bodies, about how they felt they were ugly, and how attractive everyone else was. This book also suffered from Hollywood syndrome - meaning all characters were either unbelievably attractive or they were incredibly ugly - no in between (which is where most real people live). It is one thing to spend a little bit of time describing how your characters look - quite another to go on and on about it, multiple times in every chapter. I don't think we ever left a point of view without the character having some thought about somebody's body or attractiveness. I would never recommend this book to someone who suffers from body image issues because I think it would particularly unhealthy for them.

A side note - maybe this was explained and I just missed it, but how does a boy who lives in a poor town with an neglectful and drug-addled mother manage to become obese? Shouldn't he be near starving? I get the motivation to wanting to have a overweight character, especially when he has so many perfect-body characters, but it didn't seem to fit Kip's backstory.

Overall, the book was okay. I'm not sure if I'll listen to the next one or not when it comes out next month. It will probably depend on what else I have to listen to and how well reviewed it is. Also, on how much I find myself wondering about what happens next in the next few weeks.

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Jason Powell I read the hard cover the first time through. And listened to it on audiobook the second time. The narrator is horrible! I honestly think that if they had used a different narrator, your review would be 4 stars instead of 3. :-)

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