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The Story of Beautiful Girl by Rachel Simon
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Jul 29, 2012

really liked it

There is a beauty to this book, from the title all the way to the last word. As a reader I felt witness to a transformation of both characters and myself; this book opened my eyes to a subject which many don't acknowledge.

Lynnie, Martha and Homan are some of the strongest characters i've met in a long time within the literary world. Now as I reflect back on Martha's first chapter as she gathers food for her unannounced guests to the end where she is raising a child turned teenager it gives me great courage to think of how an unassuming character can achieve what before they never believed able. Lynnie 'Beautiful Girl', being able to see the world through her eyes and through the colour of her pictures was wonderful. The relationship between Lynnie and Homan was reflected with true poetry, I will never forget the cementing of their feelings symbolised by the falling and capturing of that red feather. The book portrayed realistically the isolation of Homan's deafness as he entered the outside world, I too found myself communicating with the symbols the world has to offer alongside him and realised how much I take spoken word for granted.

Learning about the author reflects why this book has such strength and power it resonates with true feeling and expression and I thank the author for awakening me to these events. Like Martha who thought how could one small person make a difference you come to realise that if you have been woken up so can everyone else who picks up this novel.

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