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Revealing Eden by Victoria Foyt
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Jul 28, 2012

bookshelves: how-about-never

I first heard about the premise of this book on Tumblr, and my first reaction was more along the lines of: "No way. There is no way that someone wrote this book and convinced people that it should be published. There's just no way this should be happening. There just isn't..."

Apparently I was wronged.

Generally most of the books I put on my 'never to read' list is more so because I have some personal bias against the author and/or the actual book (e.g. the author is a plagarist or acting like a general internet troll/bully or I have no interest in ever reading the book because it is that God awful).

This is first time I have to put it there because of the author being 'oh so subtle' about the blatant racism perpetrated in her book. Although I am Asian and am lucky enough to have only faced very little racist stuff throw in my face up to now; I know that there are other people in the world today who aren't that fortunate and still have to unfairly face bouts of racism and other forms of discrimination but this is just... I don't even know how to put my absolute horror/disgust into words. So have some gifs instead that come close to personifying it.

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