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The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
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it was ok

I really can't stand this book. It's one of those my son had me read over and over when he was little. Seriously, what kind of mother leaves her young children home alone? Who is this cat? Why is he such a troublemaker? Is it okay that they do all that rotten stuff just because it all gets cleaned up before mom gets home? What kind of trouble will this brother and sister be getting into in their teens. This is a very disturbing book.
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message 1: by Terence (new)

Terence Disturbing from a parent's point of view perhaps. From a kid's, it's the perfect crime: Getting away with practically everything short of murder, and cleaning everything up before mom and dad get home! :-)

Terri Even as a child I found this book to be very unsettling. What if someone or something got into my house anc messed things up.

As a parent, I refused to have the book in my house.

Amanda Wow. Really?

I loved it as a kid and still do. The Cat shows up, enlivens a rainy and boring afternoon, and then leaves things as they were. A little anarchy is good for what ails you. In reality I was more like the stupid fish, worrying about Shoulds and Should Nots and reading about a little chaos was refreshing.

message 4: by Ron (new)

Ron I'm with Terri. Decades ago as a young parent I bought it as a "classic" Dr. Seuss, but after one reading banished it from the book shelves.

message 5: by Kaz (new)

Kaz Wow, you people are insane.

Coqueline Maybe you guys would prefer Struwwelpeter for your children instead.

message 7: by Kaz (new)

Kaz Works for me.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Its ok to do the things the cat does because the book promotes some sense of imagination and exploration----something you cannot seem to grasp.

★ Jess seriously, this is where imagination is needed.
Does everything have to be PERFECT in a childrens book. Why cant there a make-believe-large-fun-trouble making-cat.

Anthony i agree!

message 11: by Alvaro (new)

Alvaro Sandi... have a sense of wonder... breathe a little why dont ya? and let go? its for the child to have a sense of joy and creation so that the world doesnt have to be as dull or boring as it seems, and are you that much of a bad parent were one book will CHANGE your childs personality in the future, turning ur son into a murderer and rapist or make your little princess snort coke? get REAL. ban it from your book shelf? r u serious? you are so closed minded

message 12: by Swizzy (new) - added it

Swizzy hi

message 13: by Swizzy (new) - added it

Swizzy kf


message 14: by [deleted user] (new)


message 15: by Jon (new) - rated it 5 stars

Jon Hagmann Yea I read it to my son when he was young and he turned out TERRIBLE!!!! My son is CHARLES MANSON!!!!!

Garon Yarke hahaha

Thomas Dislike!

Kerry Poultney Its just a children's story... Where is the harm in a child's imagination? Some people sound like they have taken this innocent story and turned it into child neglect seriously lighten up and find your inner child

message 19: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah my daughter has brought this book homw from school recently..her incentive being she aadores the film..but she also owns other dr suess classics like green eggs and ham.. i agree with alot of people here i think.this book is just nrimming with imaganation..exactly what a child needs..i dnt find it disturbing or bordering on child neglect either..far too over analytical..its a childs book.tje most gjat happenes is mothers dress being dragged along on a kite! C'mon! a childrens book about what children daughter loves it as do i

Allie Lol.

message 21: by Meg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg I actually agree with your review. I liked the story somewhat as a child, but overall it's disturbing. I wouldn't go as far as banishing it from the bookshelf, but I completely understand where you come from on that one.

Nicole It's a fictional book and honestly I think it teaches a very important lesson, which is not to trust strangers. Also, I think you are putting way too much thought into this. It is suppose to be for entertainment. It is also very funny.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Geez c'mon let it go its just a kids book. No biggie. They made a movie of it and everyone loved it. It's not like someone got killed or anything. For example: Finding Nemo was number one and was everywhere. Many liked it. Cat in the hat hasn't got any murder or kidnapped children and people like you are reacting to it as if its poison. Take a chill pill seriously!

message 24: by Adam (new)

Adam butthurt

Petergiaquinta Holy cow, I feel sorry for that cute little granddaughter in the photo there if these are seriously your concerns about this "very disturbing book."

What about Wrinkle in Time which you reference in your profile? Absent parents and children causing problems in school before crossing the universe without permission in the company of some crazy old ladies who turn out not to be old ladies at all! Oh my goodness gracious! The mind reels at the very thought of it...

Emily wow wa

Lailing You're the most stupid person i've ever read.

message 28: by Violet (new)

Violet Garcia It's a children's book. What do u expect. Gosh people. Children are gonna grow up but come on! They don't have to grow up so early.

message 29: by Kate (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kate Strickland Well it IS a children's book. It's not for adults to sit and pick apart. It's fiction. Fantasy. Made for children. Usually an audience of 0-6 year olds. They aren't going to sit and wonder everything about it.

Hillian My God, lighten up.

fatima hassan wow.amazing

message 32: by Stevie-lea (new)

Stevie-lea Newsome I agree with this review to a certain extent. Yes it is disturbing how this story unfolds but It is also a good idea to read this book to children because it gives us as parents the opportunity to talk with our children about what is acceptable and what is not. It is quite educational in that sense

message 33: by Valentina (new)

Valentina This book is great, the kids enjoy it because the cat does very funny things and mischiefs and its great. The way Dr. Seuss writes it, rhyming everything is even better, let your kid have some imagination.

message 34: by EJ (new) - added it

EJ its only a book

BooVill Poor child

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