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Alien Vengeance by Sara Craven
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I've never had a culture come so alive for me in a book as with this, and I've read many an attempt. Ms. Craven made the place (Crete) and the customs of the people almost as much a character as our H and h. She even, I believe intentionally, had a way of having Gemma refer to our H (since Gemma didn’t know his name for a good part of the book) as ‘the Cretan’ which I took for a pun on the word cretin.

Anyway, those are the finer points. The bigger issues are: the book was quite emotive, and yet, quite ridiculous. We are supposed to read HP’s, especially the older ones, with our disbelief waiting, willing and wanting to be suspended. I am usually VERY apt at this. However, though I’ve read this kind of scheme before, I found it a bit ludicrous that Andreas thought he would exact his plan and still have his actions be honourable. He is GOING to ‘take’ her (don’t you love these no longer used euphemistic action words), to even the score for what her brother was accused of doing. He hoped to make her pregnant, just like the young village girl who’d started it all, and then, would finally send her away to live alone with the shame and taint on her family. Oh, all of this after making her work for him as a barefoot, nearly-naked (she resorted to wearing a shirt of his) servant.

I also had to string my disbelief, and my common sense, way up in the rafters (let’s pretend that’s what the phrase suggests), where I couldn’t reach it in an emergency, when she started to fall in love with him. Now, it is all beautifully, and oddly enough, believably conveyed (I was choked up on a few occasions, but I’m a sap). Still, I had to turn my back when thoughts of Stockholm Syndrome came knocking.

It ended, inevitably, how I thought it would (view spoiler). But even with my stated problems where reasoning was concerned, and even with my knowing just how things would turn out, it didn’t cease to be quite a good read, and well worth the four stars.
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Leona you got me hooked! now I have to just find it!

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Lynsey A Leona wrote: "you got me hooked! now I have to just find it!"


Sapheron Hehe :)

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