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Risking It All by Jennifer  Schmidt
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Jul 27, 2012

did not like it

*deep breath*

I finished this book a couple of days ago, and I was so incredibly angry and disappointed with it - well, not with it, more like with her, Kennedy (main character) - that I decided to give it a few days before I tried to review it, that way I would cool off and give a review that was not harsh at all. Turns out I feel worse, I was planning on giving it two stars and with all my thinking it went down to one.

Now I'm going to take a really deep breath and try to do this in the most civil way.

Risking it all had a great premise, had a great guy that was hot and smart and that I really loved, along with some hot well made scenes. But then there's Kennedy - She was a bit naive and dumb in certain aspects at the beginning but, well, no problem with that, I can be pretty naive an dumb at times. No biggie. So it was all good - kept being good - kept being good - then it got a bit weird - then bad - then even more bad - then some more, until Kennedy ended up being plain stupid.

It was a slow and torturous processes of watching this book and story go down the drain because of Kennedy, around 70% she became intolerable, and by 96% it just got impossible. I was not going to continue reading, but there was only 4% left. So I just sucked it up and finished. It was impossible for it to get worse.

Everything was perfect until she comes back from Alaska and starts playing with both guys. She can't decide if she should dump Brooks or not, here's a quote:

"She knew it was a horrible thing to lead him on, but she convinced herself that it would be cruel to dump him right before Christmas and would be better to wait until after the holidays."

What the F? that's selfish and cruel! Because not only does she lead him on, but she's also a bitch to him during the whole holidays!!!! It would have been 10 times better if she dumped him right on Christmas!

and then there's Memphis, and he gets tired of her:

"I can't let you jerk me around anymore. You want me to be your friend? Fine I'll be your friend. You want me to be your man? I can do that! I know what I want and what I can do, Kennedy. It's you who has to fucking clue what she wants. And I'm not waiting around to find out."

BRAVO!!!!! I Love you Memphis!!! After this she keept complaining and blames him for everything, like an immature child! But BAM, Memphis is back:

"And that's the problem right there, Kennedy," he said. "You wouldn't end it with him unless you knew you had something with me. Why couldn't you just do what you wanted to do and see where things went between us naturally? Why did you have to know for sure before you could make a move with Brooks? Are you that afraid to be alone?"

and then he kicks her out. I'm proud of you Memphis, I really am. But right after that was when my breaking point arrived. After more whining and more thinking she's right and he's wrong, she goes after the other guy - the guy that's not Memphis. ASDGFASDHwtgag@#r!#$^$hfgxadf!!!!!!!! if it had been a physical copy of the book I would've thrown this at the wall.

Oh but no worries, this is a Happily Ever After book, so she eventually finds her way back to Memphis. Problem? She learned nothing, she does break up with Brooks but because of different events, she gets back with Memphis because he goes back to her -BOOOO Memphis!! we were doing so good! - Risking It All???? Pardon me but she didn't risk anything!! Anything!!!!!!

I know the author is smart, she created Memphis and Memphis was a smart character, she made Kennedy that way deliberately, knowing her flaws. I'm almost sure that was part of the intentions with the book, to make her realize she's a 'two-timing bitch who only kept guys around as plan B' (quote directly taken form the book) and make amends, but I just hated her. She took away the 5 stars I was giving this book. Miscommunication is why most relationships fail and I hate people that never say what they want or do things for themselves without worrying what others will think, and I know I'm not perfect - now that's for sure - but I want characters I can admire and look up to, that make mistakes but that they also learn from them. Kennedy failed to fulfill my wishes.

I was loving this book, and the amount of sadness I feel for how it turned out is unimaginable :( I wanted to cry because it was THIS close to ending in my favorites shelf. Why Kennedy? Why D:!

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