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Snowdrops by A.D. Miller
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Jul 27, 2012

Snowdrops isn't as gripping as the reviews on the book cover suggest. A lot of time is spent setting the scene in Moscow and describing the early days of the narrator's relationship with Masha. However just as I started to feel a bit impatient with it, the story started to develop. The author spent a few years working in Russia and he clearly enjoys using this experience to describe the city, the people and the political and corporate corruption. Having never visited Russia I found this interesting and his description is evocative. However I felt I had to be aware that this was his personal view and it came across as negative rather than positive. I struggled to see why Masha was so appealing to him, I found her character difficult to identify with. Maybe that's the intention as she is supposed to be 'enigmatic' but I found her too enigmatic to be interesting. By contrast I found the character of Tatiana Vladimirovna well constructed and likeable. I like the way the story ended with some unanswered questions. I would have liked to have been hooked sooner on in the story. And once you reach the last bit of the book you can pretty much predict the ending. I thought the last chapter was very weak, almost as if the author didn't know how to finish the book. It's good story though and well written. Snowdrops is a good read, but it's not an amazing one.

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