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Black List by Brad Thor
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Jul 27, 2012

really liked it

First I'd like to focus on Mr. Thor's writing. Everyone who writes Thrillers (at least the top tier ones) all have great heros and they all have pretty good villains but what I really like about his books is almost every character is wonderful. There could be someone who only shows up in one chapter and I think to myself I wish he would write a book with this person as the main character. I know the formula is to write a book and if it sells well, than that's "your guy". All following books are variations of the first. Not that it's a bad thing because some of my favorite characters come from just this formula ( Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe, Hercules Poirot . . . ) and if it sells then it must be what people want. I just wish some writers like Mr. Thor would go off the reservation sometimes and give us something else.

Don't get me wrong this is no knock on Black List, it was a really good book and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's just when I see how full and rich his characters are I'd love to see something else as well.

Now about the plot of Black List. If you're like me you hope that what goes on in this story is not going on in real life, but you know that it is, and it's scary. I'm no tin foil hat kinda guy but when did it get to the point where the government feels like it can do what ever they want? In real life I'm not betting on a Scot Harvath being around to save the day, but it's fun to read about him in this book.

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