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The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman
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Jul 26, 2012

did not like it
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There is something rather grand about finding a new, good book to read. And it is always disappointing to discover that the new, good book isn't all that good. "The Grimm Legacy", by Polly Shulman, was wonderfully writen, for the most part. The dialogue was weak in a few areas, and the plot was too slow in some spots and too fast in others, but these issues were easily forgotten as I continued reading. But, as is inevitable in "modern" teen lit, the author decided that her charming story couldn't go on without at least one reference to sex. Or two.
Are teenagers really that low? Can we truly not read anything without needing a titillating reference to "birds and bees"? Are we as brainless as that? Why can we not enjoy a beautifully crafted, innocent, exciting story without some sort of "adult" theme dragged in unnecessarily? We deserve more credit.
I would have sincerely enjoyed this book if the author had not decided randomly shock her audience with risque images. The charm of her modern fairy tale quickly spun into yet another steamy teen romance. I must admit, I am quite frustrated with the whole Young Adult genre in general; having condescending adults shove tripe down my throat does not appeal to me in the least.
Would I write this book off as a failure? No. The author truly has talent, and her story, in general, was enjoyable. Unfortunately, she saw fit to include two or three scenes which completely drew attention away from the plot and toward a relationship that was more infatuation than true romance. It would have merited a four or five-star rating from me if not for this tiresome, cliche plot device being yet again dredged up by Shulman.
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Mikki I totally understand your point of view, but if you don't like the romance and the "stupid adults" "shoved down your throat" then don't read youn adult books. It seems like maybe you are looking for children's books.

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Thank you so much @Stacy! I am a huge fan of YA, actually, but am drawing away from it as every "fantasy" book I read becomes a romance novel. As a result I've started reading more adult fantasy books, because even though there's romance, it's a bit more realistic and contributes to the plot in more ways than just distracting the protagonist.

message 3: by Brittney (new)

Brittney Thank you ! I felt like I was in the twilight zone. The writing was so stagnant and made me feel like I was a kindergartner, being given all the facts in such a boring manner. I was so excited to read this, after a page and a half of disappointment, I forced myself to keep reading cause I had walked to the library for it, but after 9 pages I was just plain annoyed. Just awful, I can't even understand how others could even get through it.

Shelli Uhhh... which parts did you consider "steamy"? I can't remember anything that happened in the romance department that was anything above a G rating!

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