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40 Things I Want To Tell You by Alice Kuipers
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Jul 26, 2012

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The old saying says ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ but in the case of 40 Things I Want To Tell You by Alice Kuiper you have my permission to do so. The beautiful simple cover of the book (which was what originally caught my eye at chapters) is filled with an equal beautiful story of a seemingly perfect girl named Amy who with one decision, one really bad decision her future is quickly undone.
Amy has her own advice column online which dedicates itself to help other teens take control of their own lives. The irony of the situation is that while Amy helps others get a grip on reality the sand beneath her feet shift, and she feels no one is there to help her back up. Amy’s life slowly comes undone, the girl who likes everything in order and keeps checklists all the time is suddenly faced with unexpected. Things that were never part of the plan.
I liked this book, I really did. Amy was relatable to a degree (I am far from a control freak…I think) but I found myself being able to see little cracks of what everyone goes through. We all know how to help others, give other advice and see their problem and come out with a rational solution. But when we’re faced with our own demons it isn’t so simple. Ms. Kuipers manages to paint the perfect picture of a regular teenager just trying to keep her head above water.
The reason I didn’t LOVE this book though has to be mainly because of one thing… or I should say one person. I didn’t like the way things ended with Pete. Throughout the whole book I wished we’d seen more of him, gotten to know him better but during the last few pages I couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the way Pete’s story ends. I wish Amy and Pete got closer…
I’m not going to give away any spoilers (or more) because I do believe this is a good book, a simple light read filled with sadness and joy. I look forward to reading more books by Alice Kuipers. And hopefully more beautiful covers.

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