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The Forsaken by Lisa M. Stasse
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Jul 26, 2012

liked it

Did I think it was good? Yes.
Did I L.O.V.E the beguinning half? Absolutly YES!
Did I love the second half? Not so much...
Did I acturally finish the book? .... Nope .... I just skipped to the end!

Loved the beguinning... It was so imaginative and creative ... AND DANGEROUS!! ... Yay I like danger ... but anyway that is basically the only reason I gave it three stars.

The ending was slow. Liam was too much of a gooey mess. It wasn't much of a romance. It was just like "OMG I'm going to snog your frickin' face off and feel guilty about it afterwards because I have seen your drop-dead gorgeous face! Oh man I'm such a crap friend!!!".... Didn't like that scenario so much ...

I hate bad reviewing becuase I do realise how much hard work actually went into writing and researching side of the book and it much sometimes actually upset the author when she/he sees someone saying they hate it. Well, truth is, I don't hate it. I just didn't really seem to enjoy it. Let alone like it ... much.


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