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Seduce by Felicity Heaton
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The Vampire Erotic Theatre series is both a tease and a treat, a voyeur's dream. With each successive story, Ms. Heaton gives us a little more in-depth look into the workings of and performances in the theater, and Seduce follows that tradition without shame, starting out the story with glimpses of a steamy orgy between Victor and some of the other performers.

Sera, a relatively young "turned" vampire, wants Antoine so badly she's willing to audition as a performer in his erotic theater. As one of the Aristocracy, an Elite like Sera is below his notice and his duties as theater manager keep him busy enough that having to personally facilitate her audition is a serious irritation. When Victor, the theater's star performer, shows up at her audition, Sera realizes what she's expected to do, in front of the man she's trying to impress, and a beautiful awkwardness ensues. A seductive striptease that steamrolls into a fiery, aching seduction, Seduce is hot, heavy, and enthralling within the first quarter of the novella. Ms. Heaton is a master of crafting alluring characters who are complicated and deep, and evoke powerful emotions with punch and passion... both as individuals and as a couple.

Antoine had quick appearances in the previous two stories (Covet and Crave) but his past hasn't been explored until now, and boy is it a beast. Living with such scars for so long has taken its toll and Ms. Heaton paints his struggle vividly and with heart-wrenching depth. Covet and Crave both hinted at dark secrets in Antoine's and Snow's past, but the depth of the suffering they've endured is far harsher than I'd expected, and really sets the bar high for future stories in this series. By the time we get to Snow's book, I think I'm going to be a nervous wreck!

The connection between Antoine and Sera is deep and strong, probably the most vibrant of any of the VET couples to date. I loved the vulnerability they exposed to each other and the sheer intensity of passion they brought out in one another. Moments, more like chapters, were so hot I had to stop reading in public (on my tablet, where the cover wasn't even visible!) for fear I was making revealing expressions and little noises. Embarrassing, right? But so true! And SO good!

One of my favorite parts about Seduce was getting to know Snow better. It will be a few books before we get to his story, and the new characters are great - unique and interesting - but he is going to need a really strong woman, and their story is bound to be a rollercoaster of a ride!

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