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Bound to Remember by Lola James
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Jul 25, 2012

There are so many vampire stories out there. At first they began to blend all together. Now, I’m pleasantly surprised to see many authors taking different twists on the old stories and giving readers something new and entertaining. Lola James has done just that with her Bound to Remember book.

A young doctor finds herself strangely attracted to a new nurse. Immediately, strange things start happening as Toni feels herself unexplainably drawn to Ben. The more she learns, the more confused everything becomes. Suddenly, witches and the Greek gods become part of the unbelievable tale. Soon she’ll wonder what the truth really is.

This book does not give the reader time to get bored. Strange things start happening immediately. The story then progresses very fast and definitely not in a state that we would call ‘normal’. Then again this is a story of vampires and Greek gods and witches. How normal should it be?

Ms. James’ writing is light and at times funny. Her characters are likeable. You won’t find stiff writing here. She writes in a style that is extremely casual and easy to read while not being elementary.

This is a paranormal romance. Vampires, blood, gods, and witches are all part of it. There is no foul language and intimate scenes are more hinted at and thought about then portrayed.

What I loved about this book the most is the ending. I have to read the second book now. In fact, I’ll start it in a few minutes. This is one that will have you wondering what is going on and have you demanding to know.

Note: This book was given to me by the author with no expectation of a positive review.

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