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I See You Everywhere by Julia Glass
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Nov 13, 2008

did not like it
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Read in October, 2008

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I really tried to like this book since it was written by Julia Glass. I've heard so much about Glass and "The Three Junes". However, I just could not connect to this story.

*I See You Everywhere* is about 2 sisters, who have grown apart through the years. Yet, they remain in touch or even visit, especially during tragic events. Louisa, the elder sister, is the stable one with a rooted job and a consistent love interest. Chem, the other one, travels the world, as a biologist, studying and saving the animals. She goes through men like underwear.

The sisters' perspectives are tag-teamed throughout the book...that is, until one of them dies. And the story should have stopped there because it was already dead before then. Unfortunately, Glass continues the story and it was just pointless.

Basically, this story is just about sisters picking on each other on why they aren't like the other (being stable vs. being free). They only band together when it comes to their parents.
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Schmacko Larry - I strongly recommend Three Junes, which is Glass' best novel. I've likes Julia Glass' earlier works (Three Junes more so than The Whole World Over). I also thought you might find it interesting that I See You Everywhere is a barely fictional version of what happened with Glass and her own sister.

Here's an interview that you might find interesting:

message 2: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Ahhh! No warning of a spoiler :(

Schmacko Sorry. Yes, there's a spoiler; I guess I thought it was obvious that an article comparing the book to the author's real life *probably* contains a few spoilers. ;-)

message 4: by Alexis (new)

Alexis I didn't even realize that was what that was, just reading up on some of the feedback since I just bought the book on a whim. Oh well, haha. I should probably avoid reviews until I form my own opinion anyway.

Schmacko It's OK; the other day I skipped over "SPOILER ALERT!SPOILER ALERT!SPOILER ALERT!"

Schmacko The person had been SHOUTING throughout the rest of the post, so I skipped over it, thinking it was just more rant. LOL!

message 7: by Alexis (new)

Alexis Oh wait Schmacko, I meant for that to be directed towards Larry! Without warning he revealed what I'm sure was a pretty important detail, if you consider killing off one of the main characters important ;) Thanks for responding though, your reviews look a little more enticing...

Donna Alexis, I was similarly gob-smacked by this spoiler. I am part way through the audio and am wondering whether to continue but now I am intrigued. So guess gob-smacked helped me in this case....

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