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The Twilight Saint by Jessica Penot
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Jul 24, 2012

really liked it
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Read in August, 2012

I acquired a complimentary copy of this book for review for a book tour, come by my blog for a giveaway for free digital copies of this book. Concise Book Reviews by Michelle

I enjoyed this book for the most part; it is a great blend of sci-fi and fantasy. I like how the advanced technology was merged well with swords. The world-building was amazing, I felt like I was really there, and could see this world as Ailive did. I really liked the main character Ailive, she is pretty broken, but in a way we can connect with her. I could feel her struggles throughout the whole story. She has to face such sadness and brutality, but pushes past it all and moves forward on a journey to find peace. Ailive learns so much about herself along the way, but she remains strong throughout the story, which I really like. I like when there is a strong female character like Ailive, who can stand on her own. She faces a lot in this land of war, and I admire that.

There is many societies portrayed in Twilight Saint, and I like how you come away with new experiences that we learn. You experience many emotions while reading this for sure.
This story is pretty good; it captivated my attention very quickly. I would caution you, it’s really for mature readers. If you have a weak stomach, I would pass. And for the young adults out there, the messages in this story will go over their head anyway. The author has an amazing writing style. (See my warning below)

Here is a quote, describing the University page 29

The city seemed to us to be from another world. It had been transplanted onto our ice-covered planet from some distant star or foggy future. We watched from the monorail with misty eyes, and finally I understood why so many left their tribes to stay at The University. The buildings were so tall they became lost in the clouds above them, and they were made entirely of glass. Even the air was artificial and unseasonably warm. The artificial atmosphere glistened in the sky above me. It almost looked like sky, but it was not.
It hummed, keeping its occupants safe and forever warm.
Small circular vehicles drove across the roads and occasionally took to the sky. The people wore no tribal colors, no saris, or traditional attire.

WARNING: I had some trouble with the abuse and mutilation that happens, (forced castration of men and women, while awake in agony, blood everywhere, things like that) they also carve their body with knives and rub ink in, to mark them all over, while awake in agonizing pain of a knife cutting scriptures all over their body. It was hard to read. So warning on that, and more. And the hardest part in a way, was when she had to kill a puppy with an axe as a five year old child, to pass a “test” that she was not weak. Plus she has no remorse in doing so, this does not sit well for me, and I have a hard time moving past that though, and tired to like Ailive anyway, but this still stuck with me. If you can handle this type of horrid stuff, then you may enjoy the story as a whole.
I also do not like the whole blind faith, and worship of this god of theirs, its un-nerving, but some people won’t care, but I could do without that, and the brutality.

Only recommended if you like violence of this nature, or can get past it. Like I stated above, its a well written book, and has a good story, but me personally, I can't take that kind of brutality, especially the killing of a puppy, I really believe the story could have done without that part. This is my opinion, but know there are many people out there, that would be bothered by this.
These are my personal opinions, and am in no way trying to sway people one way or another. Just a warning, If I would have known about this, I would not have read it, even though the story was great, and well written, and sure, I would have missed out on a good story, but that's me.

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